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10 Celebs Who Probably Ruined Their Careers in 2022


2022 was a crazy year in many ways, and that definitely applies to the antics of celebrities. Some stars had really good years, while others totally went off the deep end. Whether it was through wild actions in front of the public, or through the media airing out their personal dirty laundry, these stars had a year in review that has totally shifted their careers. Some of them have been totally blacklisted and others have been shamed and canceled online by once-adoring fans. Will these celebs ever be able to recover from 2022? Here are 10 celebs who probably ruined their careers in 2022. 

Amber Heard

There may be no celeb that had their career decimated in 2022 more than Amber Heard. She had quite a successful career as an actress, but her legal battle with former husband Johnny Depp may have changed all that. She has been under a lot of scrutiny about the accuracy of her public claim that Johnny Depp was abusive in their relationship. Ultimately, the legal system found her guilty of defamation and is required to pay millions of dollars to Depp.

Kanye West

Kanye West is constantly in the media for some reason, whether it is perceived as positive or negative. In 2022, his public display of emotion regarding his split with Kim Kardashian came under fire, as well as his announcement to run for the 2024 presidential campaign – and to top it off, he made comments that seemingly praised Adolf Hitler and appeared publicly with a white supremacist. 

Will Smith

Just about everybody can recall the most memorable thing about the 94th Academy Awards, and it wasn’t a celebrity receiving an Oscar. Will Smith approached Chris Rock onstage and open-palm slapped him, for making a harsh joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith moments prior. His career and public opinion have both taken a major hit since. 

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is an English politician and journalist, who ultimately resigned from his position as head of the Conservative party after his character was called into question – and several members of his Cabinet either refused to serve under his leadership or resigned altogether. 

Ezra Miller 

Ezra Miller has had some great roles that were leading his career in a great direction. But that changed when they were arrested twice in Hawaii for harassment and disorderly conduct, and then again for second-degree assault for throwing a chair at a woman. 



Rapper DaBaby is another star whose career was on an upward trend until their actions changed everything. He came under scrutiny several times for violence in public, homophobic comments, and his subpar treatment of singer DaniLeigh, who is the mother of his child and former girlfriend. 

JK Rowling

JK Rowling is a critically acclaimed author of the Harry Potter series, and a celeb who also tanked in 2022. She has constantly made questionable remarks on Twitter, but her transphobic tweets and reprehensible comments on gender in 2022 really landed her in the hot seat. 

Elon Musk 

Elon Musk has become quite the sensational character online for his constantly questionable and unpredictable behavior and commentary. He purchased Twitter in 2022, and has been a horror on the platform ever since. 

Alex Jones

This right-wing radio host and online personality has made a career of making outlandish comments and generally being an antagonist in every way possible. He was banned from several social media platforms for his reprehensible behavior.

R. Kelly

As more light was shed on R. Kelly’s past transgressions, it was totally revealed in the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly,” that the singer is a full-blown sexual predator and has been for decades. In 2022, he was finally sentenced to 30 years in prison for his crimes.