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The Best Lipstick Shade For Your Zodiac Sign


If you know anything about astrology, then you know that there are many variations in personal attributes based on different signs. But have you ever thought about zodiac signs in regard to makeup? Every zodiac sign has some distinguishable traits that make them all very interesting to analyze. One insight for zodiac signs that you may have not seen before is lipstick options. According to the individual attributes of each zodiac, you can actually see which one would be best for your sign. To learn which one is right for you, check out the best lipstick shade for your zodiac sign. 


Geminis are all about having fun and being a little rebellious while doing it. They like to have attention and need a lipstick shade that will turn some heads and steal the show. This is why their lipstick shade is pink that exhibits a nice pop of color. Try a pink that is magenta or even blue pink. 


Cancers are very nurturing and warm by nature. They are emotional creatures that love to love on those around them. Their shade embodies warmth and comfort, so a neutral color like beige, coral, and soft pink is perfect. 


Leo is a natural-born leader and show-stopper. They command attention and are usually in the limelight whether they want to be or not. But they also thrive off of positive energy from others and feeling powerful and adored. So their shade is a bold red that will stop traffic. 


Virgos are a refined and classy group. They have an appeal that is elegant and polished, and their personal style usually reflects that. They are the hidden gem that shines brighter than most, without having to say a word. Their shade is a soft and elegant caramel beige. 


Libras are all about balance and fairness. They have the ability to see both sides of every situation, and their style reflects that. They are able to move from various styles and can pull off any look. Their shade is whatever they feel embodies them currently, from coral to hot red. 


Scorpio is known for being the dark side of the zodiac. They have an air of mystery and quiet intensity that many people find so alluring. Their shade reflects the rebellious and shadow side, with a hue of dark purple or even jet black. 



Sagittarius is very sophisticated and refined. They are timeless and love to have a classic look in their fashion choices. Shades like brick red and wine violet are perfect choices for them. 


Capricorn is a natural boss that always gets things done. They are very calculated and intelligent and can err on the side of traditional and simple in the fashion sense. For this, having a bold statement in their lipstick can add some pop to their simple look, like bright red or black. 


Aquarius is the curious wanderer of the zodiac and loves to be open-minded to trying new things. They like to switch up their style and vary between different looks and statements in their fashion. Aquarius can rock a lippie like midnight blue, hot pink, or even a shade of red. 


Pisces are emotional creatures as well and embody the waves of water that their fish symbol dwells in. They learn the yin and yang of life and float from fantasy to reality in their thinking and fashion. This sign is matched well with a mauve, violet or taupe. 


Aries is a fire sign that definitely likes to heat things up. They are bold and unfiltered and will always have a flare of drama and fierceness to their fashion. They are great with a bold red or sultry orange. 


Taurus is a very grounded and sensual sign that is full of appeal and allure. They are all about beautiful aesthetics and usually are full of sensuality and softness. This sign works well with a hazel beige or a pink-brown shade.