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Best Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From My Best Friend’s Wedding


You may be familiar with the beloved romantic comedy “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” but there are some intriguing behind-the-scenes secrets that even the most dedicated fans might not know about. Delving into the fun facts and trivia surrounding this timeless and popular film can offer a new perspective on its creation. Counting down the best behind the scenes secrets from “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” we uncover surprising details that add an extra layer of enjoyment to this unique rom-com. This compilation showcases interesting tidbits that enhance the viewing experience for fans of this enduring romantic comedy.

Julia Roberts played a role in casting

Given her leading role in the movie, it’s not shocking that Julia Roberts was among the initial actors selected for her character. Typically, casting decisions are handled by producers and casting directors, but in this instance, Roberts had a significant influence on the selection of her co-stars. She pushed for Cameron Diaz to portray the youthful and hopeful bride-to-be Kimmy, and played a part in the casting of Dermot Mulroney as the love interest shared by both women. This opportunity proved to be pivotal for Diaz, marking a turning point in her career, with gratitude owed to Julia Roberts for her support and guidance.

There was almost a spin off that made it to TV

In 2015, news emerged that ABC was working on a television adaptation of “My Best Friend’s Wedding” that would continue the original story instead of starting anew. However, progress on the project seems to have come to a halt since then, with no significant updates. It appears that, like many other ideas, this endeavor may never come to fruition. Additionally, talks of a sequel involving Julianne attempting to interrupt George’s wedding have sparked interest and could potentially be a well-received extension of the beloved franchise.

Filming was actually interrupted by fans

During the filming of “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” Julia Roberts, a well-established movie star at the time, faced challenges while shooting scenes on location in Chicago due to her immense popularity. An amusing incident occurred during the ferry scene, where tension builds between Julianne and Michael. The passing bridges should have set the stage for a significant moment, but the continuous interruptions from enthusiastic fans shouting Julia’s name disrupted the filming process every time the boat passed under a bridge.

Cameron was not a fan of the karaoke scene

The scene in the film where Cameron Diaz’s character, Kimmy, is unexpectedly pulled into the spotlight to perform at a karaoke bar is undoubtedly one of the most memorable and significant moments. Despite her reluctance, Kimmy finds herself in a situation where she must face her fears head-on. This particular scene not only adds a touch of humor to the film but also serves as a pivotal moment where Kimmy’s resilience shines through. Cameron Diaz’s authentic portrayal of Kimmy’s dread and discomfort during the karaoke performance adds a layer of realism to the character, making the scene all the more relatable and impactful for the audience. “I was terrified to do that scene, for real. I allowed the true terror of singing in front of people to be alive in me,” Diaz said. 


George was not originally meant to be a main character

In the beloved movie’s ultimate cut, the main focus is sometimes diverted from the central love triangle to Julianne’s gay best friend George, portrayed flawlessly by Rupert Everett. Interestingly, George was initially intended to have a minor role and was named Digger at the outset. It’s now challenging to envision the film without George’s significant presence. Rupert Everett’s portrayal of George was so successful that he earned nominations for Best Supporting Actor at both the BAFTAs and the Golden Globes that year.

There were some major actors who almost made it into the film

During a 2019 interview with Entertainment Weekly, P.J. Hogan, the director of “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” shared some intriguing casting insights that were unexpected. Hogan mentioned that he approached his industry friend, Russell Crowe, to audition for the role of Michael, but ultimately felt that Crowe wasn’t the ideal fit for the character. Likewise, Julia Roberts suggested Benicio Del Toro for the role of George, a choice that now seems difficult to envision looking back. However, the final casting decisions turned out to be spot-on, and the film’s ensemble was a perfect match that we couldn’t envision any other way.

There was actually an alternate ending

During the initial test screenings of the film, viewers reacted negatively to the ending where Julianne encounters a friend of Michael’s at the wedding, hinting at a potential new romance for her. The director mentioned that the focus group expressed a reluctance to see Julianne have a happy ending, as they had not yet forgiven her character. Consequently, extensive reshoots were undertaken to alter the ending to the one that is now cherished by audiences today.

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