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Disney Princesses As Real Girls


We’ve seen quite a few modern variations of Disney Princesses but this photographer came up with a really cool and unique idea. What would Disney Princesses look like if they were real girls in 2019? Jessica Kobeissi arranged a professional photo shoot with models and picked out the outfits so that the Disney Princesses look like modern, fashionable Insta girls. They still are recognizable as Disney Princesses, but the style of their outfits wouldn’t be out of place on the street and wouldn’t look like a costume but a fashionable outfit instead. So here’s 10 Disney Princesses as real girls in 2019. If you want to see more amazing photography follow Jessica on Instagram.

1. Serena as Mulan

For Mulan Jessica worked with a Chinese model and shot the look in Seoul, South Korea. We think it made the photoshoot even more interesting and visually pleasing. Loving the jacket that the model is wearing and her attitude is on point for Mulan.

 Mulan | Her Beauty

2. Sarah as Jasmine

Jasmine looks so freaking cool we can’t get over it. Everything about her is so trendy and modern. Yet the color palette and the hair is so Jasmine-like it’s impossible to miss the connection.

Jasmine | Her Beauty

3. Lauren as Snow White

The model who posed like Snow White is dressed in the same colors as the Disney Princess, but it doesn’t look forced. In fact, she looks like a perfectly normal modern girl, but the addition of that red apple in her hand hints at the Disney theme of the photoshoot.

Snow White | Her Beauty

4. Sophia as Pocahontas

We absolutely adore this Pocahontas inspired outfit. You’d never think you can get this close to her actual style yet look so modern and fashionable at the same time. It’s the small details like the off-shoulder top and the choker that really made this look pop.

Pocahontas | Her Beauty

5. Tashi as Belle

Tashi made a gorgeous Belle. That dress and shirt combo is so on point for Belle and yet it looks quirky and stylish and very New Girl inspired. We also love that she’s holding a book as Belle would, but her setting is a nice modern apartment which makes it more believable.


Belle | Her Beauty

6. Paulina as Tinkerbell

Ok, so Tinkerbell isn’t technically a Disney Princess but the photographer just loves the character and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to have a Tinkerbell themed photoshoot. We have to agree that it was a wonderful idea. Paulina is definitely giving us modern Tinkerbell vibes in that green dress.

Tinkerbell | Her Beauty

7. Estelle as Cinderella

Cinderella but instead of a glass slipper it’s a chunky boot and she don’t need no man. Now that’s a movie we’d watch. We absolutely love this edgy version of Cinderella now only if Disney would make it into a film.

Cinderella | Her Beauty

8. Lilia as Ariel

You don’t need a seashell bra to look like Ariel and we love that this is the direction they went with. The green sequin dress is giving us plenty of Little Mermaid vibes and the long red hair and a red lip complete this look perfectly.

Ariel | Her Beauty

9. Willodeen as Sleeping Beauty

We love this combo of a frilly pink top with bell sleeves combined with modern trousers. Also having a photoshoot in bed is a classic choice for Sleeping Beauty and a nice way to reference the Disney Princess with a location instead of an over the top outfit.

Sleeping Beauty | Her Beauty

10. Sydney as Tiana

Sydney as Tiana from Princess and the Frog is giving us a great middle ground between Tiana the working girl and Tiana the Princess. That outfit is on point and is perfectly in between casual and effortlessly chic.