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Disney Princesses From Animation To Movies

We all have that one Disney Princess that we relate to the most. But what’s nice is that Disney Princesses keep evolving with us, and now we have not only animated versions of them, but real women playing Disney Princesses in films. Let’s take a look at how some of our favorite Disney Princesses changed and transformed from the animated cartoons to movies.

If Disney Princesses Were Boys

Etcetera.art on Instagram came up with an interesting idea of what Disney Princesses would look like as boys and we’ve got to admit the result is absolutely stunning. They don’t look like Disney Princes, yet they have clear Disney references that are instantly noticeable.

Disney Princesses As Real Girls

What would Disney Princesses look like if they were real girls in 2019? They still are recognizable as Disney Princesses, but the style of their outfits wouldn’t be out of place on the street and wouldn’t look like a costume but a fashionable outfit instead.