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Disney Princesses As Modern Women of 2020


Disney princesses will always have a soft spot in our hearts, but let’s be honest: they’re a little outdated. Nowadays, millennials and women of Generation X aren’t walking around in ballroom gowns with perfectly coiffed up-dos and a prince on their arm. Today’s woman is empowered, chic, and expressive in her sense of style and attitude. And that’s exactly how TikTok artist “Yudie” has been interpreting them for her 2020 makeovers.

Here are Disney princesses reimagined with a a modern-day “glow up” by 29-year-old artist Yudelmis “Yudie” San Emeterio, an artist with a truly breathtaking imagination.

Yudie used to be a specimen processor at a private lab, but followed her dreams to be an artist instead. Now, she’s finishing up an art degree, and has taken to the popular social media platform TikTok to publish her own complications, after being inspired by the Disney character makeovers of other artists.

With so many people giving these princesses their own transformations, we have to say that we absolutely adore Yudie’s take and relate to these women like never before. She had her own distinct perspective but tried to keep the transformation’s texture and style to the original art, which made it even more realistic.

By carefully altering the hair, makeup, and clothing of Belle, for instance, she turns from a modest maiden in a field to queen with flawless eyebrows, some well-placed highlights, and a sleeveless dress that makes her look like a total babe.


Saw people doing “glow ups” of Disney characters so I decided to do my own. I went for a more subtle change! #disneyprincess #artchallenge #belle

♬ Strawberry Shortcake – Melanie Martinez

We love how she uses videos to showcase her art, since we get to see the editing changes that she makes in real-time, further inspiring us to create our own, and see that making such beautiful art is in fact attainable. Even Princess Jasmine turns into a smoldering babe with ease here.


Aladdin is probably the only Disney movie I have never seen and I’m ashamed of myself 🤭 Jasmine is 😍 though. #aladdin #princessjasmine #gloupdisney

♬ B.S. – Jhené Aiko, H.E.R.

Princess Tiana is already perfect as is, but Yudie thought that she the blue and green looks didn’t do this beauty justice, and instead always envisioned her in pink, which she says was “made for Tiana.”The headpiece and pulled back pony is transformed into loose waves with a bobby pin detail and an enhanced lash set.


As much as I like the blue and green dresses in the film, I think pink was made for Tiana 😍 #tiana #disneyprincess #gloupdisney #artchallenge #art

♬ Talk – Khalid

For Mulan, the artist wanted to do something more dramatic, so she added a fierce cat eye and an impactful black rose shoulder/arm sleeve. Mulan transformed into a baddie with a spicy evening dress and flowing extensions. We’d dream of running into her on our Friday night out.



I knew that I wanted to do something more dramatic for Mulan, and I love the “ABG” look, so… #abg #mulan #disneyprincess #gloupdisney

♬ Candy – Doja Cat

Some of you meanies might have called Elsa from Frozen one of the more basic princesses, but she’s turned into a character from Euphoria with this 90s inspired high ponytail, cute earrings, and a ballerina inspired sheer top – we definitely prefer this version.


It was hard to transform Elsa to look modern when they already did that in Frozen 2 😂 #elsa #frozen #disneyprincess #gloupdisney

♬ Señorita – Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

As Yudie observantly noted, Cinderella was missing ears. Here’s she’s jazzed up with some pink lipstick, double hoop earrings, and wearing a black turtleneck tee, with a turquoise spaghetti strap top and necklace layered on top. BRB, recreating this outfit inspo immediately.

Moana is perfection all on her own, but with some signature Yudie styling (look at those boxer braids!) and an added arm cuff tattoo, she looks even tougher than Lara Croft. A grown up blouse and sheer lip shows that Moana has graduated from childhood to teen life!


I wish Moana’s brows were on my face 😩 BTW, some of the final transformations are up on my insta for those that want them 👍 #moana #gloupdisney

♬ Take Your Man – Mahogany LOX

Jane isn’t technically a Disney princess, but she is in our eyes. Actually, she’s more of a queen. We love how she has real life survival skills and doesn’t really care about looking cute in heels. Still, she deserved a good updated haircut, which Yudelmis generously graced her with, as well as a fresh-faced glow, a billow sleeved blouse, and some realistic freckles, since bae is always out adventuring in the sun.


Out of all the female leads in Disney, I resonate with Jane the most. I’m still waiting for my Tarzan, though 😂 #disneyprincess #gloupdisney #jane

♬ Tarzan Medley: You’ll Be in My Heart / Two Worlds / Strangers Like Me / Trashin’ the Camp – Anthem Lights

We can’t wait to see what this drawing goddess comes up with next! For now our favorite transformation is the stunning transformation of Rapunzel from Tangled. Look what a beauty she’s now!


The trickiness with 3D edits is that they’re a bit more involved, but Rapunzel is worth it ❤️ #rapunzel #disneyprincess #gloupdisney