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10 Classic Christmas Movie Foods We’ve Always Wanted to Try


Christmas isn’t official until you start seeing those holiday movies popping up on Netflix. Christmas movies are the perfect blend of comfort and familiarity. They also contain some pretty mouthwatering festive treats that might not show up on your on holiday spread. Here are the top fictional Christmas movie dishes that we’ve been craving ever since we saw them.

1. Judy’s Hot Chocolate, The Santa Clause

Honestly, this sounds like a flawlessly engineered cup of hot cocoa, and we’re ready for it. Coffee is overrated anyway. After all, Jude the Elf practiced this recipe for over 1,000 years. The secret is for it to be not too hot, with extra chocolate. Oh, and it’s shaken, not stirred. Even 007 himself would approve of this ho-cho.

2. Ice Cream Sundae, Home Alone 2

Macaulay Culkin had a rough time in Home Alone when he was running from those two sketchy dudes. But most of us wish we were left alone at some point as kids, just so we could order whatever decadent food without mom’s judgment. The mac and cheese looked yummy and gooey, but nothing beats the room-service sundae that would make us throw any diet out the window.

3. Maple Syrup Breakfast Spaghetti, Elf

This scene is as upsetting as it is mesmerizing. The concept of breakfast spaghetti mixed with syrup, pop tarts and a bunch of other sugary bits sounds kind of gross, but also kind of amazing. After all, it’s just sweet noodles, right? Plenty of cultures have that! We were all curious about the flavor of this bowl when watching this flick.

4. Cheesy Egg Strata, The Family Stone

SJP plays a notoriously uptight character in this movie. The most memorable part is when she spilled that cheesy, delicious-looking egg strata on the floor. It was a scene that took place during a family meltdown, but all we really noticed was how sad it was that this strata was wasted.

5. Roast Beast, The Grinch

What exactly is roast beast? Is it roast beef? Is it something else? Roast beef is part of many epic Christmas meals. In your own interpretation, consider making a slow-roasted beef tenderloin. It’s your childhood fantasy come to life in an unbeatably tasty way that meat-eaters will love.


6. Chinese Roasted Duck, A Christmas Story

Many families go out to eat Chinese food as a tradition on Christmas, and that’s exactly what they did in “A Christmas Story.” After the family’s hound dogs make a mess out of their home-cooked holiday meal, they go out to Chop Suey and get a crisp, whole roasted duck.

7. Eggnog and Roasted Turkey, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Eggnog has a central role in this film, and Clark Griswold is sipping on it all night through the family drama. There’s nothing like a creamy, sugary, and spicy beverage to pair with some hearty turkey. Want to recreate it at home? Update it for a Christmas brunch and make eggnog lattes with roasted turkey eggs benedict.

8. Vanilla Rum Malted Milkshake, White Christmas

This film is an oldie but a goodie, and never fails to bring out a milkshake craving in us. It looks perfectly decadent with its creamy hue, and no one can forget that red straw that it’s served with. With or without rum, a vanilla milkshake always gets out tummies rumbling — especially around the holidays.

9. Breakfast Spread,Groundhog Day

After our grumpy weatherman Phil Connors learns that life has no consequences and he can wake up and hit the reset button each day, he goes crazy on some sweet breakfast foods at his local diner. Wouldn’t you? From milkshakes and doughnuts to sticky buns and cinnamon rolls, we would probably faint after this meal, but it would be worth it.

10. Banoffee Pie, Love Actually

Juliet in “Love Actually” can definitely couch for this pie. When she visits mark to look at cottage of the wedding, she offers him a slice. This dessert goes all the way back to the 1970s and is a lethal combination of sweet bananas and toffees. There’s also a decadent blend of graham cracker crumbs and whipped topping. Who would stop at just one slice?