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11 Behaviors That Attract Men the Most


All guys have different physical type and preferences. But outside of appearances, there are certain behaviors that drive men crazy and make them pay complete attention to you. Here are the most fascinating subliminal things that will make him think you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.

1. Be spontaneous

Some of us like to plan things out all the time, but if you can enjoy what’s happening while it’s happening and go with the flow, a man will appreciate it. Men express themselves through activity more often than speaking, and generally prefer an experience to a full-on therapy session or exposing all vulnerabilities. Appreciate the present and don’t try to force anything.

2. Be kind

Coldness won’t get you anywhere. But kindness is a trait that’s universally desired in every country. We’re all looking for someone with a good heart, and apparently, men are looking for the same. This is important when considering someone for a long term relationship, as well as the concepts of understanding empathy and creating strong social bonds

3. Being independent

Guys love when you have your own thing going on. It means you’re a strong, self-sufficient woman that’s not going to be clingy or co-dependant. Additionally, if you’re busy but take time to be with him, this is quite attractive and gives him the ego boost that men crave so badly. Guys always love “the chase” and a woman with her own life is a healthy way to feed into that dynamic.

4. Let him be a dude

Many times, women like to hunker down with episode of The Bachelor or a Sex in the City marathon. Maybe don’t plan date nights when his favorite team is playing an important game, or make him watch the guilty pleasure TV. It creates interests and social groups outside of your relationship, and you guys won’t get sick of spending time with each other.

5. Be optimistic

Having a positive personality and seeing things with a glass half full mentality can help alter a guys’ perception of physical beauty. If you’re always in a poor mood about doing something, or saying something negative rather than looking on the bright side, it can make even a supermodel look like the Grinch.

6. Wearing your hair down


No matter what you look like, men love when a women has medium length to long hair, and adore when she wears her hair down. Apparently, hair length and wearing your hair down can increase the perception of attractiveness for men. Looks like the lack of quarantine haircuts was actually a good thing.

7. Laugh at his jokes

Weirdly enough, men care more about women laughing at their jokes than they do about us thinking they’re actually funny. While guys do appreciate women with a good sense of humor, they also like when women laugh at their embarrassing dad jokes. Apparently appreciation of humor is necessary, but producing humor is less important.

8. Acting engaged and active listening

There’s nothing a man loves more than being listened to. Listening to your date is kind of similar to an aphrodisiac. You can show engagement through body language. Sparkling eye contact and pursed lips are the surest way to get there. Lean in, smile, and don’t let your eyes wander, or they might think you’re getting bored.

9. Voice and way of speaking

A voice can be a totally alluring thing about a woman. For instance, some prefer a high and feminine voice, like that of Marilyn Monroe. Generally, men don’t like the squeaky voice, which is one that Kim Kardashian is known for. Apparently, guys also like when a woman has a speech pattern similar to his, including how certain words are pronounced, and the pace of speaking.

10. Be honest

This is a hard one for many. We all have different skeletons in our closet, but being honest shows that you lay it all on the table and don’t have a manipulative personality. This will cause a man to trust you more and not think that you will one day cheat on him or hide a bigger lie. Don’t fib about having kids, or pretend you have different hobbies than your real ones.

11. Make the first move

This might seem intimidating to some women, but once you do it, it’ll unlock a whole new level of self-confidence and empowerment, and guys can sense that. Take control of the situation by smiling, leaning in, and giving him that first kiss.