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9 Daily Habits of Happy Couples


What makes a happy couple? Is it the mutual love and respect that they have for one another? Is it common goals and a similar worldview that keeps them happy and together? Yeah, those things are the foundation of any successful relationship. But you know what else keeps couples happy? Their habits. And not just something like a weekly date at the movies or a monthly budget meeting and planning their schedules together. Happy couples have daily habits that keep them feeling good and loved because it’s the little things that count and keep your relationship going strong for years to come. So here are a few examples of the daily habits of happy couples, perhaps you’ll recognize some of these or get inspired to add them to your daily routine. 

1. Complimenting Each Other

Compliments aren’t just for special occasions. Happy couples make sure to find at least one thing to complement each other on every day. It doesn’t have to be something huge or new every time. You can remind your partner that you like their hair or eye color or any other feature, or tell them that the t-shirt or dress they’re wearing looks good on them. Even something as simple as telling your partner that you admire their cooking skills or work ethic can put a pep in their step. Even a daily “honey, I’m never going to get tired of telling you how hot I think you are” can do wonders for your relationship. 

2. Combine Daily Rituals

Everyone has a daily routine of sorts. Even if you’re a super spontaneous person who’s a freelancer and doesn’t keep a schedule, you still have some daily rituals. You brush your teeth every day, right? Or you put on your night cream before bed. Happy couples often have daily rituals that they do together. Making coffee in the morning in your underwear, showering together, cooking dinners over a glass of wine – all these are daily rituals that bring you closer together. 

3. Sharing Tasks You Hate

We don’t mean you should dump things you hate onto each other, in fact we mean the opposite. Just do things you hate together. For example, you both hate shopping or doing laundry, or perhaps you just absolutely despise going to the dentist. Schedule that chore on the same day, so that you can both be grumpy and on the same page. Hating the same thing also brings people closer, but also, chances are if you do it together it’ll be less awful and maybe, just maybe, you’ll even be able to laugh about it. 

4. Kissing Each Other Goodbye

It’s such a small gesture, but making sure you kiss each other before you go to work or a day out with your friends or family can go a long way. It’s a little reminder of love that can easily slide into your daily routine and will keep both partners loved. It’s always cute when you see this in movies, you know when you see someone rushing to work and yelling “bye!” and the other person runs up to them from bed just to kiss them goodbye. It doesn’t have to be just a movie thing, make it a real-life daily habit. 

5. Hug and Cuddle Every Day

Happy couples dedicate 5-10 minutes every morning or evening to just hugging each other or holding each other in bed. This close physical touch literally gives you happy hormones and it’s nice to set aside time for that. Quick hugs here and there are good too, but they can’t compare to dedicated cuddle-time.


6. Always Say Thank You

Kindness is always the key. Sure, by the time you’re a few years into a relationship you grow accustomed to your partner making you coffee in the morning, or taking out the trash, but you should still say thank you every time. Happy couples don’t take it for granted. They appreciate the effort and give back with gratitude. 

7. Try To Outdo Each Other With Kindness

You know how sometimes you get annoyed that your partner forgot to do a chore and out of spite decide you won’t do your chore either? Well, happy couples think differently. Instead, they just do the chore themselves, and then when their partner notices they think “oh, they took out the trash and it’s my job, I’ll fold their laundry for them”. It’s a whole different ball game. You should try it. 

8. Engage With Each Other’s Interests

Perhaps your partner likes video games and you don’t get it. Well, try engaging with it, learn more about their interest, ask them what they like in particular, and give it a chance. After all, you love that person, you like who they are and what they do, and they have a particular interest. Perhaps if you see their perspective you’ll also get it. 

9. Limit Technology

We all work on laptops, constantly scroll on our phones and listen to music or watch TV-shows. Happy couples make sure to turn off their gadgets when they are having quality time. Put away your phone, turn off the TV, and just find some time to talk to your partner. Talk about your hopes and dreams, unrealistic scenarios, and hypotheticals, there’s always something to learn about the other person. But don’t just talk at them, listen to them, pay attention.