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10 Awesome Celebs We’d Like to Have as Our BFF



Not all celebrities are the same as it shows. We even admire and idolize them in different ways. Some are so perfect and untouchable that we don’t even dream of ever meeting them. If we saw them on the street we might faint and we definitely would stutter even just asking for a picture. Others seem more down to earth and we can imagine a highly unlikely scenario of grabbing a cup of coffee with them and managing a conversation. Somehow these celebs seem more approachable and more like normal people, albeit very talented and rich. Let’s talk about 10 awesome celebs we’d like to have as our BFF.


1. Mindy Kaling
If you have ever watched at least one episode of The Mindy Project you know how insanely funny and relatable Mindy is. And she seems to be just as bubbly fun and relatable in her interviews too. Sure it could be an image she’s projecting but we all dream of grabbing some burgers and fries after a long day of shopping with Mindy.


2. Chris Pratt

While Chris has now achieved a full blown Hollywood hottie status he still seems way more down to earth than some of the other sex symbols in Hollywood. We all dream we could just hang out with him and good around. He just seems like such an easy going guy.



3. Anna Kendrick

Anna seems like the perfect person to have a coffee with and just jokingly judge people on the street. She’s got an amazing sense of humor, she seems open and warm and sincere and her Twitter feed is always hilarious and relatable. And she doesn’t look like she’d snub you if you ran into her on the street.


4. Benedict Cumberbatch

While he is a sex symbol and we all drool over him playing Sherlock we all know that Ben is actually a very nice and polite guy. He doesn’t mind being goofy or speaking from his heart and we all wish we could just invite him for a movie night at the house or something. He’d probably bring a nice bottle of wine and some chips too.


5. Jennifer Lawrence

The queen of relatability, Jennifer Lawrence, is definitely someone we’d like to have as a BFF. From falling down at the Oscars to fangirling over celebs to being silly and goofy and super sweet, we wish we could just call her up when we want a girl’s night sleepover.



6. Tom Hiddleston

Just imagine him coming in with a bucket of ice-cream and watching Netflix with you. I mean, sure we’d all want Tom as a boyfriend but having him as a BFF seems good too. He’s great with impersonations and accents and he sure can dance, so he’d be fun to hang with.



7. Emma Stone

Listen, who doesn’t like Emma Stone? She’s funny, she’s sweet, she’s adorable. How cool would it be if she was your BFF and you could go on a vacation together. All the pizza you could eat, all the silly singing into a hairbrush you could do.


8. Justin Timberlake

You might think of Justin as someone who’s bringing sexy back, but he’s also a really good friend to have around. If you’ve ever seen him on Jimmy Fallon you know you’ve been jealous of their friendship.


9. Ali Wong

Ali Wong is a hilarious comedian and we could all use a friend who’s that straightforward and has no filter whatsoever. She’d call you out when you’re being dumb but also be the most fun person to go on a night out with.



10. Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson has been so many things throughout the years, he played football, became a world famous wrestling champion and now he’s a Hollywood star. But what we love most about him is how sweet and approachable he is. Who wouldn’t love the Rock as their BFF?