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10 Best Movies About Witches


Witches get a bad rap, but in 2019, we’re all for Wiccans taking over our next wave of feminism, and letting us make voodoo dolls for all of our ex’s and unsavory politicians. Here are the best witch movies of all time that celebrate dark magic and sisterhood.



1. The Craft
Everyone’s favorite grunge, outcast teen witches starred in The Craft, inspiring a Tumblr generation to come. At a Catholic prep school, a newcomer falls in with this dark group, and they increase their powers to conjure powerful spells and curses against those who tick them off. Goth vibes meets bullying revenge at its finest.



2. Hocus Pocus
A lighter, family friendly take on the witch genre, Bette Midler, SJP, and Kathy Najimy starred in this supernatural, Salem based flick. A young boy with too much curiosity moves to Salem just in time for Halloween, when a trio of executed witches from the 17th century show up.


3. The Witches
Anyone who isn’t a fan of children will appreciate this 1990 British/American film. Mixing comedy and horror, evil witches masquerade as normal women, while they secretly turn children into rats. A boy and his grandma must save the day, and themselves.



4. The Witch
A very similar name to our last mention, but an extremely different film, and will definitely give you nightmares for a few days. It’s 1620, a New England farm, a Separatist family living in the wilderness suffers a tragedy. Their baby disappears, and their eldest daughter is suspected of witch craft. Inspired by the Salem Witch Trials, with a scary twist.


5. Practical Magic
Sandy Bullock wasn’t always a rom-com queen – she had her own bewitched moment in 1998, where she starred in this film about two witches raised by eccentric aunts in a tiny, close-minded town. They also face a curse which may prevent them from finding love. Ugh, witch-ism at it’s finest, am I right?




6. Suspiria
This contemporary remake of the 1977 horror classic was even more chilling than the original. A famous dance company has something dark going on at its core, and while some succumb to this nightmare, others finally awaken to a terrifying reality.


7. Kiki’s Delivery Service
A more whimsical take on the witch genre, from 1989. A young witch spend a mandatory year of independence, but finds being part of a new community is hard. She supports herself by running an air courier service – those brooms really do come in handy!


8. Maleficent
No one slays a witch character like Angeline Jolie did with her prosthetic horns and slicing cheekbones. This 2014 flick tells us about an evil fairy who curses a baby princess, but doesn’t know that this child is the only way to bring peace back to their land. The outfit enough was enough to leave us hooked.



9. Into The Woods
This is definitely not Meryl in her Devil Wears Prada vibes, but we kind of like her as a wildly unhinged old lady with powers! In it, she plays a witch who makes a deal with a baker and wife who have a childless curse. In order to undo the curse, they must collect various items for her.


10. The Blair Witch Project
This was one of the first found footage style movies that never showed us the monster, but left us looking under our beds and in our closets weeks after watching. Three film students venture where they should not, vanishing in a Maryland forest after searching for a local legend.