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10 Hottest Characters In “Game Of Thrones”



We decided to include an equal amount of men and women, because all should be fair in the game of hotness. After all, we don’t gender discriminate, and there are plenty of gorgeous beings of all types in GoT. In honor of the season premiere, here are our top character picks that make us swoon.



Khal Drogo
This dude is super swoll, and makes us have a thing for guys with eyeliners, which is a feat in itself. His usual look is menacing, shirtless bad boy meets cover of a romance novel. Everything our dads would hate, and that we go crazy for.


Daenerys Targaryen
Many would argue that Daenerys is actually the hottest character on this show, and we feel privileged to have watched her beautiful transition from shrinking violet to empowered Mother of Dragons over six rollercoasters of seasons. She’s blossomed in more way than one.



Sometimes, GoT’s men err more on the side of boys, like Joffrey. And while we always enjoy some good boyish charm, we really can’t deny the hottest bodyguard of Game of Thrones. Bronn is Tyrion’s bodyguard and previous was a dangerous and skilled sellsword.


Cersei Lannister
Played by Lena Headey, this blond character gives us Rapunzel meets Madonna vibes, and we’ve never been happier about it. Yes, she had a weird incestuous relationship with one brother, and an arch-nemesis relationship with the other. Not only was she crowned Queen, but she also happens to be the queen of revenge.


Daario Naharis 1 and 2
The actor changed with this role, but both of them were smoldering heartthrobs, so we didn’t really mind.



Talisa Stark
This racially ambiguous angel is the healer on Game of Thrones, who married Robb Stark. Unfortunately, Talisa was just one of many slaughtered in the famous Red Wedding. Ah, all the good genes that were lost in that atrocity…



Jaime Lannister
Jaime is Tywin’s eldest son and Cersei’s twin. Does anyone in this family make ugly babies? Also known as Joffrey’s dad, this DILF has a jawline and smoldering eye contact that makes us swoon, but he’s also the only person to be kind and respectful to Tyrion.


This red-haired vixen, aka The Red Priestess, was famous for mesmerizing Stannis, but her mission now is focused on Jon Snow. She’ll also be playing a possibly vital role in Season 8, though we didn’t see much of her in the premiere. She gives a better name to gingers, and for that service we thank her.


Missandei, otherwise known as Nathalie Emmanuel in real life, is one of the most breathtaking characters in Game of Thrones. She’s also one of the only women of color that reps on the show. Missandei acts mostly as Daenerys’s translator, but is also her close friend and confidante.



Jon Snow
Most ladies (and guys) that you talk to will be convinced that Jon Snow is the sexiest male character on Game of Thrones. They wouldn’t be wrong.