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10 Most Beautiful Vietnamese Celebrities


Vietnamese women are known for their good looks and dedication to beauty. They really know how to take care of themselves and are clearly the keepers of the secret of eternal youth, because they never seem to age at all. If you have any doubt about, just keep reading this article and by the end you’ll be convinced that it’s some sort of witchcraft, because all of these ladies are so incredibly gorgeous.
1. Hoàng Thùy Linh
Hoàng Thùy Linh was studying to become an actress at Hanoi’s college of Art. She worked as a host of a game show for kids, was featured in a lot of commercials and was on covers of multiple magazines, which makes her a model. She also went into the music industry and become a V-pop star and released 4 albums to date.

2. Phan Nhu Thao
Phan Nhu Thao is a Vietnamese supermodel. She started out by competing in the Miss Vietnam World in 2007 and got through to the top 15. That definitely helped with her popularity and she tried again in later years and got to top 5. Eventually she was able to become the first runner up in the Miss Vietnam Continent 2011, which took place in 2011.


3. Nguyen Thuy Lam
Nguyen Thuy Lam is a Vietnamese actress and singer from Thai Binh. She’s known for having won the 2008 Miss Universe Vietnam beauty pageant and she also represented Vietnam in Miss Universe 2008 and made the initial cut, which was unusual at the time.

4. Le Hoang Bao Tran
Le Hoang Bao Tran is a famous Vietnamese model known for her beauty and grace. She’s especially popular when it comes to walking the runways at various fashion shows. She was very young when she started her modeling career, only 12 years old, but it gave her an advantage because by now she’s very successful.

5. Ly Nha Ky
Ly Nha Ky is an incredibly successful and very beautiful Vietnamese actress. She’s known for her role Diem Kieu in VTV’s series The Beautiful and The Wealthy. But that’s not the only acting job that she’s had. She has already appeared in around 16 TV shows and movies, and on top of that she’s a model and businesswoman. She’s also very smart and speaks Vietnamese, English, German, and Mandarin Chinese fluently.

6. Vu Hoang My
Vu Hoang My is a stunning lady who represented Vietnam at Miss Universe 2011 and Miss World 2012. She’s also a very busy woman, she’s a model, a filmmaker, a dancer, an athlete, a copywriter and obviously a beauty queen. She’s also an icon for healthy lifestyle for the younger generations.


7. Mai Phuong Thuy
It wouldn’t be a list of beautiful Vietnamese ladies if we didn’t include Mai Phuong Thuy. You all know that she’s a model, an actress and also the beauty queen who became the 10th Miss Vietnam. She also competed in the 2006 Miss World.


8. Bebe Pham
Bebe Pham was born as Phạm Thị Thúy and she’s a Vietnamese actress and model. She got interested in modeling when she was 17 and by 19 she managed to kick start her career and started working with a French modeling agency. She’s also known for her role of Phuong Ly
In the 2012 film The Girl with No Number.

9. Truong Tri Truc Diem
This lovely lady is not only an attractive model and talented actress but also a UNESCO ambassador. Truong Tri Truc Diem also has a degree in Business Administration from the PSB Academy in Singapore. She’s also a beauty queen that competed in the Miss International 2011 beauty pageant.


10.Veronica Ngo
Veronica is a very well known actress, model and singer. She was born in Trà Vinh, Vietnam. She moved to Norway at the age of 10 with her parents, but later moved back to Vietnam and pursued a career in entertainment. Clearly that was a great choice for her because now everybody in Vietnam knows her name.