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10 Most Handsome Male Redheads Ever


There is something special about redheads that makes them stand out from the rest of people. Whether it’s a fiery mane or a muted ginger hair colour, redheads just grab everyone’s attention wherever they go. Especially, when they are famous! We don’t get to see many celebrities rock their natural red hair, but when they do – it’s a real treat for the eyes. Here are 10 most handsome male redheads ever.

Tom Hiddleston

This might come as a bit of a surprise to you, but Tom Hiddleston is originally ginger! He has to dye his hair for most of his roles, but his natural hair colour has a distinct red tint. Loki, one of his most famous roles, rocks black hair, but you have to admit the actor looks gorgeous with his natural colour.

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen’s Aragorn stole everyone’s hearts when The Lord of the Rings came out. He looked incredibly handsome with brown hair, and he looks even more stunning as a redhead. But now if you want to enjoy his ginger look you’ll have to scroll through some old photos because his hair has become all silver grey.

Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis is one of few actors who wear their natural hair at all times. He’s handsome, ginger, and he wears that hair proudly! He’s also an amazing actor who won numerous Golden Globe awards. His most memorable roles are Nicholas Brody in Homeland and King Henry VIII in Wolf Hall.

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender is such a charismatic man that his stunning ginger mane often gets overlooked. Like many actors, he has to hide it most of the time, changing hair colour for different roles, but his hair is, indeed, naturally ginger. Would we love his Magneto even more if he was ginger? Probably yes!

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor is from Scotland, so his ginger hair doesn’t really come as a surprise. If only he looked more ginger in Star Wars! We haven’t seen him a lot on screen lately, but one of his latest works in Fargo earned him a Golden Globe award.


Benedict Cumberbatch

One might think that Benedict Cumberbatch coloured his hair to look ginger, but that is actually his natural hair colour! Yes, we rarely see him rocking a redhead look, that’s why it is even more precious when he does it. He has to change hair colour for most of his roles, going for the more conventional dark brown hue.

Sam Heughan

Historians say first mentions of redheads come from Scotland – there were no ginger-haired beauties before that! They also believe ginger hair is a result of a genetic mutation, but back in the day people didn’t know that and simply shunned redheads, connecting them with witchery and devil. Well, now we know why there are so many redheads in Scotland! Sam Heughan is a Scottish actor and he has the most gorgeous ginger mane we’ve ever seen.

Prince Harry

A list of handsome male redheads simply wouldn’t be complete without Prince Harry. This royal redhead proudly wears his ginger mane, making each and every photo a real treat for the eyes. He has recently married Meghan Markle. He’s a philanthropist, a family man, and has a long history of serving in the army. In 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down as senior Royal members, opting for more freedom and independence in their lives.

Kristofer Hivju

Kristofer Hivju became one of the most favourite Game of Throne characters due to his boldness and humour. His character, Tormund Giantsbane, was also the one who uttered the legendary phrase: “Gingers are beautiful. We are kissed by fire”. He’s naturally ginger and looks incredibly handsome with this hair colour. It turns out his wife is also a redhead!

Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall is a charismatic actor and one of the most handsome redheads in the movie industry. His portrayal of Dexter, a serial killer who was leading a double life of killing people and solving crimes at the same time, earned him a Golden Globe award. His performance was brilliant, so it’s not really all that surprising. He’s one of those actors who stays true to his ginger hair even on screen.