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10 Most Private Hollywood Celebrities


Becoming a celebrity means saying goodbye to privacy, right? After all, you’re constantly being hounded by paparazzi and even decent late night show hosts and other press people will occasionally try to find out something about your personal life in an interview. For some reason people are just noise and they care way more about personal gossip than they do about the characters they play and the movies they make. Yet there are certain celebs who manage to live a very private life. They somehow manage to keep their work and their personal life completely separate, they know exactly how to deflect intrusive questions and they know how to navigate the streets without constantly being followed by a cloud of paps. Let’s take a look at 10 of the most private celebrities.



1. Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts used to be the star of every red carpet, she didn’t keep her relationships secret and a lot of her life was public back in the day. Yet look at her now. She’s still doing very well for herself as an actress, but she definitely became more closed off about her personal life. She only goes to events she wants to, she’s rarely on red carpets and she doesn’t do too many interviews. Her private life remains very private and most would call her a modern day recluse.



2. Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock was always a private person, but after she went through a very messy and public divorce she became super private. We don’t blame her, it makes perfect sense that she wouldn’t want people getting their noses up in her business again. So these days she makes sure to appear at the right event and red carpets, and she definitely does press tours for her movies, but she also steers clear of discussing her relationship or her children.


3. Daniel Craig
You’d think that since he’s literally James Bond we’d know everything about him. But Daniel Craig is an extremely private person. Not only do we never see any paparazzi photos of him, we literally only see him when he’s promoting movies. No one ever talks about his marriage (did you even know he’s married?) and he generally stays out of the limelight.



4. Kerry Washington
A very long time ago Kerry used to be quite public about her life, but over the years she learned that fame isn’t that amazing when it comes to personal life and relationships. So now she keeps the details of her life outside of work under wraps. Even her marriage and the two children she’s had managed to fly under the radar and we only found out after the fact about them.


5. Matthew McConaughey
Matthew is an amazing actor but he really isn’t in it for the publicity. He prefers a quiet, simple life. That’s why he never talks about his wife and kids in interviews and occasionally manages to seemingly disappear of the face of the earth after the press tour for his most recent movie is over. We’re pretty sure that if he could he would just live in some cabin in the woods or in a little house on the beach, away from people and attention.




6. Natalie Portman
Considering the fact that Natalie Portman has been an actress since she was a child – it’s amazing how private she is about her life. You don’t really know that much about her apart from the movies she’s been in. You never hear about any news about her unless a new film is coming out with her and she’s never really in the press. Even her PR and her friends never drop any details about her. That’s quite impressive.


7. Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves is a unique celebrity. On one hand we all love him for being down to earth and very chill. We occasionally see pictures of him out and about having a coffee or some food, but it’s never anything scandalous. We also don’t hear much about his private life at all. But considering the hard times he’s been through with his pregnant wife dying and his friend overdosing, we don’t blame him for keeping a low and chill profile.


8. Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep has been in showbiz for a while now and she clearly knows what she’s doing. We all know her as the Queen of Hollywood, the best actress ever and no one will ever be able to compare. But she’s also a very private person. Everyone is always thrilled to see her at red carpets and everyone says she’s a pleasure to work with, but other than that we don’t really read about her in the press, do we?



9. Ryan Gosling
This Hollywood heartthrob is one of the few actors who’s managed to keep his private life truly private. He literally refuses to answer any questions about his relationship and his family and pretty much anything that doesn’t concern work. He’ll talk about working and movies and fun behind the scenes anecdotes for ages, but as soon as you ask him about his life – he’s not shy about telling you it’s none of your business.


10. Anne Hathaway
People love to hate on her, but what’s the reason for it? It’s hard to tell. She’s good at her job, so it would be hard to hate her for that. Other than that we don’t really know that much about her. She keeps her marriage and family life very private, when she does interviews she only does small talk subjects and work. On the rare occasion that she’s making headlines it’s usually something unconfirmed and some sort of weird gossip. We’ve even heard that people hate her for being to perfect or too prim and proper. Isn’t that weird? All we know for sure is that she likes her privacy and we don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.