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10 Most Stylish Films of All Time


Sometimes a film gets famous for substance or writing, while sometimes it is just visually sublime. This can mean anything from wardrobe, to cinematography, to lush usage of colors that mesmerize our eyes and don’t let us look away. Here are the most stylish films ever.



1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961
How could we not include the movie that made the term LBD famous? Hepburn looked simply iconic in her native sunglasses and wide brimmed hats. Against the glitzy NYC background, Hepburn’s diamonds shine even brighter.



2. A Clockwork Orange, 1971
The looks in this disturbing, dystopian film are so memorable, they’re still recreated in Halloween outfits today. Kubrick is known for his stylized cinema, and this film following a psychopathic gang with its deranged Willy Wonka leader proves that.


3. A Single Man, 2009
This Tom Ford film was popular with the fashion crowd, and we can see why. Julianne Moore’s twiggy mascara and tall beehive pair with Colin Firth’s smart suit. The romantic cinematography reminds us of one of Ford’s sexy perfume commercials, in the best way ever.



4. The Shape of Water, 2017
This inter-species love story confused some, but warmed the hearts of many. Its romantic dance chores and bluish, fluid aesthetic in set and wardrobe blend perfectly to create a dreamy aquatic fantasy.


5. Amelie, 2001
If there’s anything more quaint and French than Amelie, we don’t know about it. From the Parisian soundtrack to the protagonist’s sweet beret, bob haircut, and quirky attitude. Everything about this film is visually chic and a snappy homage to French film.




6. Darkest Hour, 2017
This stylized historical drama shows Winston Churchill’s legacy and appointment to prime minister. The banter, frames, and smoky ambiance create an intense vibe that grabs all of our focus and holds onto it tight.


7. Call Me by Your Name, 2017
This 2017 coming of age flick reminds us of the first time we fell in love – it’s filled with puppy love, summery Italian beauty, and sensuality all at the same time.


8. Her, 2013
Many would call the fashions in this beautifully shot films norm-core, but the composition of everything has this sort of timeless yet futuristic vibe that puts us somewhere in the next hundred years, with an increasingly homogeneous vibe.



9. The Great Gatsby, 2013
Both the set and wardrobe of this famous remake were fabulous in their own rights, glamorizing American wealth and all of its complex nuances. The flapper looks were on point, as were the reimagined flamboyance of the whole film.


10. Gone With The Wind, 1939
The gowns in this classic film make it hard to pick a favorite. Many go with the forest green curtain look, complete with golden tassels, while some prefer Miss Scarlet’s dramatic hoop and white ruffles.