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10 Previously Lovable TV Characters Who Became Repulsive


Sometimes, we fall in love with a TV show and certain characters. But those once likable characters can take a twist into unlikable, even hatable territory, betraying what we once thought we knew of them. Here are the most famous characters who became repulsive.
1. Andy Bernard, The Office
Post Steve Carrell leaving the office, they made Andy acting manager and after Andy’s hiatus from Hangover filming, the writers turned him from awkward, sweet and clueless to mega tool who says a lot of rude and unkind things.

2. Dexter Morgan, Dexter
Dexter originally was a hot vigilante that doubled as a serial killer, but he ended up killing some innocent people as well. Remember that dude who trash talked him after his wife passed? And that photographer he accidentally killed?


3. Lily, Modern Family
Her precocious, intelligent quips started out being cute as a toddler, but as she grew up, she become a demanding, demonic monster that started to boss her dads around hardcore.

4. Monica Geller, Friends
A lot of people call Monica a shrew, and a bossy one at that. She has a constant need of attention thanks to growing up in Ross’ shadow. She tries to domineer Chandler in every move of their relationship. She doesn’t even let him bring any of his stuff into their shared apartment! Her big ego, unhealthy, competitive nature and obsessiveness really starts to shine as the show goes on.

5. Eric Foreman, That 70s Show
The once nerdy and never bad boy finally landed Donna and became super annoying and bad at decision making. He isn’t held accountable and doesn’t take responsibility for his actions.

6. JD, Scrubs
Used to be hilarious, at the end of season 3, he pursed the woman he wanted for so long, and suddenly doesn’t want her or love her anymore. After he convinced her to break up with her boyfriend, Sean. Not cool, bro! He’s put himself above his bestie and almost abandoned his kid to boot.


7. Rory Gilmore, Gilmore Girls
Started off great, but then went to college, became insufferable. She’s meant to be mature but has no impulse control and comes off as a spoiled brat in a lot of the scenes. No longer cute, but more self-centered and sued to getting her way.


8. Jim and Pam Halpert, The Office
The lead-up to this relationship actually happening was quite intense, so we thought everything would be smooth sailing once they finally got together. But nope, they just started treating each other worse! They are manipulative and play on people’s sympathy using their kid as a ploy. When Jim tries to start his own company, we see real life strains that are a downer on a comedy show.

9. Fiona Gallagher, Shameless
Fiona started out as the genius and open-hearted Southside family girl who took care of her five siblings and really gave it her all with good intentions. Then, her actions and love interest became a little shadier – she started making terrible, impulsive decision and throwing all caution to the wind in the worst way possible.


10. Leonard Hofstadter, The Big Bang Theory
Many viewers find the nerdy shenanigans of Big Bang Theory to be endearing, but Leonard went from well adjusted and humble to overly self-aware, condescending and emo bummer of a dude who pities himself all the time.