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10 Ultimate Bad Boy/Good Girl On-Screen Couples


Sometimes, we’re presented with clichés in a film – one of the biggest ones being the good girl meets bad boy dynamic. We know in real life it’s a little more complicated than that, but we can still dream about changing that emotionally unavailable cutie in a leather jacket, can’t we?

1. 10 Things I Hate About You, Patrick and Katarina

In this movie, one girl’s dad only lets her date if her loner sister Kat does as well. Hence, she bullies Kat into dating the school’s resident bad boy, and the two end up falling madly in love.

2. Twilight, Bella and Edward

Edward is a vampire, and Bella is an innocent good girl who falls for his charming eyes. In a way, isn’t a vampire the ultimate bad boy to convert you to the dark side?

3. Crazy Stupid Love, Jacob and Hannah

Good girl Hannah is a law student with no time for drama. When typical womanizer Jacob tries to pick her up, she doesn’t fall for his usually foolproof charm. To distract himself, Jacob teaches a recent divorcee how to get laid – he just happens to be her dad.

4. Cruel Intentions, Annette and Sebastian

This teen drama is highly symbolic of the 90’s, and shows the lifestyles of wealthy teens at a private schools in NYC. Annette, aka Reese Witherspoon comes into this scene totally innocent, but doesn’t stay that way for long before bad boy Sebastian falls for her.

5. Breakfast Club, Claire and John

These two were stuck together in detention but ended up finding more in common with each other than they ever thought they would. This fiery redhead is the classic popular girl and John is a loner, but by the end of detention, unforgettable bonds have been formed.


6. Grease, Danny and Sandy

Based around a summer fling, this 1978 flick explores what happens when your brief romance starts going to your high school. Sandy is the classically sweet good girl, while Danny has changed into a cooler-than-school guy with evolving values.

7. Dirty Dancing, Johnny and Frances

Frances is just an upper middle class teen vacationing with her parents and sister in the Catskills – before she meets dance instructor Johnny Castle. Johnny is swoon-worthy and sultry in a way that ignites young Frances’s passion or the first time. From dance partners to life partners, these two go through an intense journey together.

8. She’s All That, Zack and Laney

Laney used to be your everyday wallflower before she took off her glasses and ponytail to reveal a supermodel. The makeover arrives when resident cool guy Freddie Prinze Jr. aka Zack, is challenged to turn a random girl into prom queen in six weeks. The bet turns into real love – don’t you wish reality worked that way?

9. Step Up, Tyler and Nora

Somehow, this couple was made even more epic by the fact that these two had a long and successful marriage in real life. As part of a troublemaker’s community service, he has to put in hours at a school where he meets a senior getting ready for an important showcase. It’s all history after that!

10. Reality Bites, Lelaina and Troy

This 1994 flick features a broke, struggling musician and a straight A student who happens to be a valedictorian with big dreams of film school. There’s always a spark between these two, but life leads them down different roads, until they eventually reunite at the end in a bittersweet way.