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12 Most Memorable Selfies of All Time



Ok, if you look through our phones, you’ll probably find an embarrassing amount of selfies, none of which are extraordinary or unusual in any way. However, sometimes you capture a selfie that’s a complete candid moment – a frozen nugget of time where something amazing and surreal goes down. Here are our top picks.



That time when Stephen Colbert was totally the embarrassing dad, and Jimmy Fallon gave his most impressive teenaged eye roll on his late night show. These talk show hosts are probably a riot when you put the two of them in the same room.


Eminem is serving us total Blue Steel in the Louvre, set against the background of the ridiculously small masterpiece, the Mona Lisa. We’re not sure whose smoldering gaze is better.



If you thought the most epic party of your life was lit, imagine what this celeb (and very Kardashian) studded photo op was like – then imagine the afterparty. Full of pouts, smiles, and goofy expressions, we totally had a “they’re just like us” moment when we saw this shot.


Lee Thompson wanted a selfie that had more risk than reward – he casually decided to climb onto the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, marking the first selfie ever with this famous Jesus landmark.


These gorillas were lucky enough to be rescued by anti-poachers, and it turns out that their gratitude had an unexpected and hilarious side effect. These gorillas have started imitating their humans, and officially learned how to recreate a sassy selfie, standing up just like their two-legged buddies.


Angela Nikolau is definitely not afraid of height – she calls herself an “extreme model,” and we have to agree with her on that one. Standing up amidst the clouds with a selfie stick, Angela reveals in her caption that she gained 300,000 new followers in 2 weeks, thanks to this post.




Michelle Obama will always be our #WCW. But Bo will always be our #DCE – our doggy crush every day. This aloof white House pup always has a smile on his face, but we’d have to say that Michelle posed better on this one, since Bo’s sitting there all clueless with his tongue wagging away.


The Met Gala gang might have thought they were original, but no one brought the celebrity selfie like Bradley Cooper did at the Oscars. Filled with Lupita and her brother (who famously blocked out Angelina Jolie), Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, J.Law, and a whole gaggle of other A-listers, this record-breaking pic made award show history.


There’s a lot of reasons we miss Barack in the White House, and a big one is the end of his public bromance with Joe Biden. The ex president and vice president shared a sense of brotherhood that was inspiring to us all – but they also had their silly moments, this selfie being one of them.


That confusing time when Trump-supporting Kanye weirdly photobombed a Kim and Hilary Selfie. Here, Kim Kardashian shows us her political support for Hilary Clinton, while her husband remains awkward as always in the background.



If you thought selfies were a recent thing, you clearly haven’t seen this shot of Buzz Aldrin. Not just one of the first selfies, but the first selfie ever on the moon! Taken from his 1966 Gemini mission, this image marks an important moment in space and selfie history.


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous soccer players in the world, and has the biggest Instagram following to back it up. Here, he shows him and his family in the delivery room, with his wife holding onto their newborn, everyone grinning ear to ear. Props to the makeup and hair squad that had bae’s back before the shot!