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12 Reasons Why Ariana Grande Is Our New (And Unexpected) Role Model


Miss Ariana Grande has had her fair share of reputations over the past, from her volatile relationships with ex boyfriends to donut licking incidents. But she’s always persisted and grown through the rough spots, and that’s why in 2019, we love Ariana more than ever, even if we’re not an Arianator.



1. She’s not scared to speak her mind, whether that’s in adversity of her relationships, her past actions, or the media’s criticism of her.



2. In fact, she revels in the media’s criticisms. When her sexuality was bashed, she stood up for herself and embraced her sexuality, refusing to let herself be slut-shamed by the media or society.


3. She doesn’t care what others think. This is connected to her fearlessness and is inspirational for young girls who aim to follow in her footsteps. If you don’t let judgement hold you back, your options are limitless.



4. She practices what she preaches and encourages fans to love themselves the same as she loves herself.


5. She dealt with her ex Mac Miller’s death and was open about the pain fame Ould bring. She was honest and sincere with fans, showing her vulnerability and humanity.



6. She’s opened up about her mental health struggles like anxiety and take about going to therapy and how it has saved her life, encouraging fans to do the same.



7. She inspires people to set themselves free from the world’s ridiculous expectations. This is rather refreshing for a pop queen stereotype which normally panders to all of the record labels and managers’ male gaze.



8. She’s part of a new generation of pop stars that aren’t just explored puppets – they refuse to be disrespected and let labels take advantage of their private lives as part of their “brand.”


9. She gives us so much satisfaction with her shameless ex revenge and “thank u, next” vibes – way more satisfying than any of Taylor’s passive aggressive lyrical rants.



10. But at the same time, the song transcends into a message of growth and self love, taking back the media’s warped narrative of her and inspiring her fans in the process.


11. She managed to get Piers Morgan to say he “misjudged her” after his misogynistic comments on her – she refused to let herself be victimized, acting as a role model for women all over.



12. She fights the demeaning “diva” stereotype, even though she’s had her fair share of scandals. She refuses to let them define her and remains resolute.