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15 Body-Positive Influencers To Follow For Your Daily Dose Of Inspiration


In the contemporary social landscape, the conversation around body positivity and body neutrality has become increasingly vital. These movements, rooted in the idea of embracing all body types and promoting self-acceptance, challenge the narrow beauty standards that have long been propagated by media and society. In this digital age, social media influencers play a pivotal role in shaping these discussions. Here are 15 of the best body-positive influencers to follow for your daily dose of inspiration and empowerment:

1. Lottie Drynan (@lottiedrynan) – Known for her candid discussions on living with IBS, Lottie promotes body acceptance and dismantles the stigma surrounding bloating and other digestive issues. Her content is a mix of lifestyle, health, and fashion, offering a comprehensive approach to self-love.


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2. Alex Light (@alexlight_ldn) – Alex is a beacon of positivity in challenging unrealistic beauty standards. Her advocacy against diet culture and her commitment to promoting self-love make her a must-follow for those struggling with body image issues.

3. Izzie Rodgers (@izzierodgers) – As a skin-positive influencer, Izzie’s journey with acne is inspiring. She emphasizes that skin conditions are not a barrier to self-acceptance and showcases beauty in all its forms.

4. Stephanie Yeboah (@stephanieyeboah) – An author and a fierce advocate for plus-size representation, Stephanie’s content is a vibrant mix of fashion, lifestyle, and outspoken commentary on the importance of body diversity.

5. Sophie (@sophiethickfitness) – Sophie’s fitness journey is intertwined with body positivity, illustrating that health and self-care are not bound by size. Her content is empowering for those looking to embrace fitness without the pressure of conforming to societal standards.

6. Hayley Madigan (@hayleymadiganfitness) – A fitness influencer with a twist, Hayley combines her fitness expertise with a strong message of body positivity, focusing on mental health and the journey towards self-acceptance.

7. Danielle Catton (@danielleisanxious) – Danielle’s platform is a safe space for discussing mental health and body confidence. She’s an advocate for mental wellness and plus-size fashion, providing a relatable perspective on navigating body image and anxiety.

8. Joanna Kenny (@joannajkenny) – Joanna’s content covers a broad spectrum from IBS to mental health and skincare, all under the umbrella of body positivity. Her honest and approachable style makes her a relatable influencer.


9. Sare (@thatgirlsare) – Focused on breaking societal norms around body and facial hair, Sare advocates for body acceptance and PCOS awareness. She’s a voice for embracing your natural self, regardless of societal beauty standards.

10. Kelvin Davis (@kelvindavis) – As a male body positivity influencer, Kelvin brings a unique perspective to the table. He addresses men’s body image issues and promotes confidence and style for all body types.

11. Stevie Blaine (@bopo.boy) – An LGBTQIA+ and body acceptance activist, Stevie’s message of “no bad bodies” resonates deeply. He shares his journey of self-acceptance, encouraging others to embrace their bodies with confidence.

12. Jess (@jessicarose.newman) – Jess’s inspiring journey with alopecia showcases her strength and resilience. She promotes the normalization of different body aspects, encouraging followers to embrace and love themselves wholly.

13. Riccardo Onorato (@guyoverboard) – Riccardo combines fashion with body positivity, advocating for self-acceptance and challenging norms around different body types. His content is a celebration of diversity and style.

14.Betty Traore (@bemusebybetty)Betty Traore stands as a vibrant advocate for embracing natural beauty, particularly in normalizing skin conditions like acne. Her content is a mix of bold makeup looks and empowering messages, making her a go-to influencer for anyone seeking to find confidence in their skin, untouched by societal pressures.

15. Claus Fleissner (@extra_inches_plussizeblog) – A plus-size male fashion blogger, Claus’s message is all about loving your “extra inches.” His blog offers a refreshing take on men’s fashion, breaking away from traditional beauty standards.

These influencers are not just advocating for body positivity, they are reshaping the narrative around beauty and self-acceptance. Following them offers a daily reminder that beauty comes in all forms, and self-love is a journey worth embarking on.