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16 Most Memorable Eurovision Looks


Eurovision might’ve started out as an international pop song contest, but through the years it evolved into so much more than that. These days we don’t just expect good catchy pop songs, we want to see a memorable show, insane graphics, and crazy costumes. We want it to be high-quality entertainment that will start a bunch of memes, something you can discuss and be like “Can you believe they did that?” We don’t care that much about how great or talented the singer is we just want to be entertained and have a good time. The more outrageous the performance – the better. So let’s take a look at some of the most memorable Eurovision looks we’ve seen.



1. Finland, 2006
Remember when Finland sent a Christian heavy metal band called Lordi to Eurovision and won? They were dressed as monsters and sang Hard Rock Hallelujah. Yeah, that was a glorious day in Eurovision history we’ll never forget.


2. Ukraine, 2007
When Verka Serduchka and her posse took the stage at Eurovision 2000 dressed in the campest silver outfits and with a massive star on her head we knew it was going to be a hit. It was bizarre yet awesome at the same time.


3. Ukraine, 2004
Speaking of Ukraine, back in 2004 they also had a singer dressed in leather and metal singing about wild dances. We’re pretty sure Ruslana‘s inspiration was Xena the Warrior Princess. And what can we say, it worked – they won.



4. Ireland, 2011
It would be unforgivable not to mention Jedward in an article about unforgettable Eurovision looks. That hair, those outfits, just the phenomenon of Jedward seems like it was meant to go down in the history of Eurovision.


5. Ireland, 2012
And yeah, it was so good we have to mention them twice. Because in 2012 their performance was even more memorable. Just look at those costumes. And remember how their number ended with both of them in the fountain? Eurovision gold.


6. Ireland, 2008
Yup, another one from Ireland. This time they send Dustin The Turkey to Eurovision and if you haven’t seen that performance – you should. Your life will never be the same afterwards. It was the weirdest thing ever.


7. Azerbaijan, 2008
Azerbaijan had a theme of angels and demons going on, and while the angels were fairly standard the demons pouring fake blood onto a woman was definitely an unforgettable sight.


8. Austria, 2014
With a name like Conchita Wurst, a glamorous dress, that perfect eyeliner, a Hollywood blowout and that glorious beard – no one else had a chance at winning Eurovision that year.



9. Israel, 2018
Last year’s winner Netta definitely deserves a place amongst the most memorable performances. That outfit, the song, the weird chicken dance moves, the strange sounds, the inexplicable wall of cats – weird and wonderful, just the way we like our Eurovision contestants to be.



10. Moldova, 2011
Sometimes on Eurovision, you just have to put on very long hats and have a girl dressed like a fairy ride around on a unicycle on stage. It’s basically a right of passage.


11. Montenegro, 2013
You’d think it’s not very practical to wear suits like that and sing at the same time, but who cares if it’s practical. Rapping astronauts is exactly what Eurovision needed that year and Montenegro delivered.


12. Russia, 2012
Six Russian grandmas dressed in embroidered clothing singing next to a furnace and singing is another way to stand out at Eurovision, where most of the contestants are usually at least 30 years younger.


13. Germany, 2016
This girl was only 18 when she represented Germany at Eurovision in 2016 and we as viewers couldn’t decide if that outfit looks like it’s from a toy store or a different dimension. Either way, it definitely made a lasting impression


14. Lithuania, 2010
Listen, it’s Eurovision, you have to think “camp”. And what’s more fitting than a bunch of guys in tiny sparkly shorts? Honestly, at this point, it should be the uniform for everyone willing to try out for Eurovision.



15. Romania, 2013
Romania chose to embrace the stereotype but just make it a little more fabulous, so they send a bedazzled Dracula to represent them at Eurovision. But what we didn’t expect was the opera singing.


16. Madonna, 2019
Why was Madonna at Eurovision this year? No one knows, but it’s provocative. However, everyone online agreed the outfit gave us Game of Thrones vibes, while the performance seemed a bit off-key. We’re sure people will keep talking about this for ages, after all, it’s Madonna.