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17 Reasons to Watch Justin Bieber Documentary Series on YouTube


Justin Bieber may be a controversial public figure, but it’s no controversy that the boy wonder has an army of fans willing to ride for him no matter what. It seems that Bieber had a complete life overhaul when he got married, and his new docu-series is going to tell us all about it.

From a 13-year-is old mentored by Usher to a global sensation, Justin Bieber has come a long way from his rosins of bubble gum pop and floppy, boyish good looks. 

Beliebers were ecstatic when the news was dropped that they’d be able to get a no-holds-barred, full access look into the pop singer’s personal life and creative process. His YouTube Original series Justin Bieber: Seasons” was released at the end of January 2020.

1. Consisting of 10 episodes, this docu-series covers Justin’s first album in a while – four years, to be exact. Our first reason to watch? It gives a more vulnerable and intimate look into how Bieber makes his music.

2. Also, anyone who ships Justin and his wife Hailey Bieber will get to check out unseen footage of their wedding and their day to day life together. There will also be looks at multiple people in his inner circle, so that you can get chummier with the pop star than ever before.

3. Every episode is about 10 minutes long, so you can easily binge the series in one day. 30 minutes is too long for a docu-series anyway. The premiere will feature his blond wifey, manager Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, a member of his management team, and Ryan Good, who works with Biebs’ apparel line, Drew House.

4. You’ll get a Cameo from Kendall Jenner as well as Josh Gudwin, an essential producer, engineer, and mixer for Justin Bieber. Gudwin, who calls himself a “music curator for Justin,” has been working with Bieber for the past decade, and the two are notably close.

5. You get an up close and personal tour of his old building in Stratford, Ontario that brings Justin a lot of emotions and memories.

6. He reveals that Ariana Grande is the secret to how he got out of a tough period of creative blockage and led him to star-making music for him. It was a reminder of who he was, at heart, and a magical thing to watch him get the drive again.

7. In the premiere, Beliebers get to hear a little snippet of his new tracks as he drives around with Hailey.


8. We learn from his wife that while the music industry is amazing, it’s one filled with pressure, and other footage gives us a raw and rare look at his process.

9. Viewers get to watch the 25-year-old recording his new hit single “Yummy,” which plenty of people are obsessed with. They also get sneak peeks at “Get Me” featuring Kehlani.

10. We’ll get to see the perfectionist side of Justin that the media doesn’t cover. His wife calls it “a whole different energy when Justin is really in his zone.”

11. Episodes five and six discuss his diagnosis of Epstein-Barr and Lyme disease, which many of the public doesn’t know about.

12. Wedding planner fanatics and bridezillas to be won’t want to miss episodes seven and eight, which go deep into Hailey and Justin’s planning for the wedding and the ultimate ceremony.

13. He opens up about the side effects of leading a superstar lifestyle, which caused him to go into the dark underworld of addiction while dealing with a severe case of anxiety.

14. Ok, we already mentioned “yummy” and that Kehlani track, but fans will really get insight into tons of unreleased music, which creators say score all the episodes.

15. Episode ten is a real-time catch up with Justin Bieber after some time has elapsed and the album gets released to the rest of the world. This is a slightly different and unique approach to a docu-series that hasn’t really been explored before.

16. Because director Michael Ratner admits to being a converted Bieber fan after working to film this process with the singer. He admits that the character story is what really drew him in.

17. Ultimately, Seasons is Justin’s attempt to be honest with fans and present himself to the public – new and mature – although he is still just 25 years old.   Apparently, “Seasons” still leaves Bieber looking like somewhat of an enigma, so we hope there’s a follow up ASAP.