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6 Celebs That Have Changed Way Too Much Since Their Prime Days



Being a celebrity is both tough and fun. On one hand, you have to look your best no matter what because the whole world is watching, but on the other hand you can totally be who you want to be because you’ve worked really hard to get where you are now and no one is your boss. Celebs we all looked up to while growing up are now getting more relaxed about looking like a superstar 24/7. So, naturally, they look different now compared to the days of their (and our!) youth. Here are 6 celebs that have changed way too much since their prime days.



Angelina Jolie is still a stunner
That divorce from Brad Pitt has definitely taken its toll and you can see that her age (43 if you were wondering) is actually showing right now, but she looks as stunning as ever. You can still see why she was named the world’s most beautiful woman back in 2009! This type of beauty never fades away.



Megan Fox is trying too hard
Mega Fox is in the spotlight again and she looks more polished than ever. Maybe too polished? Her beauty is quite striking on its own, without layers of makeup, but whatever works for her. Now Megan Fox is back in the business, but you can see that she’s changed.


Britney Spears is back
Britney definitely had a bit of a rough patch in her life after the blinding success of 2000s. Admit it, you still sing along hits like ‘Toxic’ and ‘Baby One More Time’ when you hear them! Now Britney Spears, a mom of two boys, is far from that skinny blonde girl who jumped on stage in itsy-bitsy outfits. She looks different, more mature, and we love it! Recently she started having problems again but we hope she’ll be okay!




Christina Aguilera rocks like never before
Do you remember those shivers that ran down your spine when you first heard her sing ‘Beautiful’? She might not be that wild girl anymore, but she still looks great – like an empowered gorgeous superstar that she is. And the best part? She’s now a mother!


Kim Kardashian actually looks better now
Kim Kardashian isn’t particularly famous for looking great all the time, but this is all changed now. At 38, Kim looks better than she ever did. She’s worked on herself and now she’s working on her beauty line. Seems like she finally gotten herself together!



Nicki Minaj is as glam as ever
Nicki Minaj is definitely one of the most famous celebs known for her bold outfits and showing skin, but it seems that lifestyle doesn’t impress her anymore. She’s ditched skin-tight dresses and late-night parties, looking comfy and glamourous now. And why not? As long as she’s stress-free and confident about herself.