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6 Instagram Trends To Watch Out For In 2019


Instagram used to be a place to share photos with your friends, and then it slowly evolved into a platform for showcasing your fashion sense. These days, Instagram is all we talk about. This is where we discover new brands, learn fashion advice from our favorite bloggers and look for ideas on what to cook for dinner or places to venture out for brunch. There was a time when we all wanted a very white or grey feed, and then it was trendy to have the brightest most colorful Instagram feed. These days the trends are changing and if you still want to be relevant you have to follow them. In a weird way, Instagram now dictates not only what to post but also what to wear to look successful and be popular. So here are some Instagram trends to watch out for in 2019.

1. Don’t: Use Bright Colors

Not so long ago it was all about making your photos stand out. We used to search for brightly colored walls to use as a backdrop, looked for interesting and colorful outfits to stand out amongst the sea of boring jeans and t-shirts, tried to go on interesting locations, buy statement decor and look for neon signs everywhere. But that’s a thing of the past now.

2. Do: Neutral Shades

It’s all about nude shades, neutral tones and earthy colors these days. The most popular fashion bloggers are going back to basics and Instagram seems to agree that it’s the right decision. So get yourself some brown, black, white, grey and maybe some muted green clothes. It’s all about understated colors and undersaturated photos.

3. Don’t: Overcomplicate

There was a time when we tried to add as much interesting small details into our pictures as possible, same went for our outfits. We wanted prints, accents and generally the more the better. These days it just looks cluttered and overdone and it’s no longer in trend. Your outfit and your Instagram feed will just look outdated and too busy.


4. Do: Simple Clean Lines

When it comes to silhouettes Instagram states that the simpler the better. Simple fabrics like linen and cotton, clean lines and a limited color palette are what’s in trend these days. Focus on the big picture and remove all unnecessary details. You’re going for timeless classics here, something that will always look nice. 

5. Don’t: Over Accessorize

We know layering a couple of necklaces can look hella cool, but Instagram trends seem to be firmly against 80’s coming back. So don’t try to bring back the past with loud earrings and colorful necklaces. The same rule applies to shoes and purses. You just don’t want anything too big or too attention-grabbing. A nice pair of brown leather (or pleather) shoes will do.

6. Do: Pick A Few Nice Minimalist Jewelry Pieces

Minimalist doesn’t mean it should always be small, but it does mean you shouldn’t go overboard. If you found a nice gold chain to accent your otherwise very beige and neutral or monochrome outfit – go for it. But stop at one chain. Or you can go for a beautiful gilded bracelet a pair of asymmetric earrings, but that’s it. You’re going for quality over quantity, you want to have a few select pieces that will go with anything rather than a ton of cheap jewelry that only works with one outfit.