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6 Most Charitable Celebrities in Hollywood



Celebs often give generously to good causes. This could be in the form donations to charities, sponsoring youth in one form or another, or lending their time to volunteer efforts. And while this is pretty standard in Hollywood, some celebrities go above and beyond to give back to those around them. It’s surprising that some of these stars keep any of their earnings for themselves considering how much they donate to charitable causes. Their selflessness is inspirational not just to other celebs, but for all people to be giving and considerate to those who are less fortunate. To learn more about them, check out this list of the 6 most charitable celebrities in Hollywood.



Oprah Winfrey
One of Oprah’s many charitable causes was her donation of 10 million dollars to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Through the Oprah Winfrey Foundation, the talk show host and motivational speaker has also donated over 40 million dollars.



J. K. Rowling
This prolific and iconic author has donated approximately $160 million in charitable giving. In fact this enormous donation is the only reason she was removed from Forbes’ billionaire list, after becoming the first author to ever make the list.


Morgan Freeman
Through his own charity Rock River Foundation, renown actor Morgan Freeman created a million-dollar grant to aide residents of Mississippi, the place he was born and raised. Freeman’s dream is to help all children receive good educational opportunities.




George Lucas
Not one to just donate financially, iconic filmmaker George Lucas likes to put in physical work by lending his time to various charities. But Lucas also gave an astounding donation to charity when his company Lucasflim was sold to Disney in 2012. Of the nearly 4 billion dollars earned from this acquisition, Lucas donated the majority to various educational charities.


Sandra Bullock
Actress Sandra Bullock has shown tremendous support for natural disaster relief initiatives, reportedly giving a million dollars to Doctors Without Borders when Haiti was devastated by earthquake, and another million to Japan to its earthquake relief funds.



Taylor Swift
Known as one of the most charitable celebs in Hollywood, megastar Taylor Swift has donated to too many charitable causes to count. She is the queen of random acts of kindness to her fans, giving substantial amounts to various GoFundMe campaigns and fans’ student loans. She has funded a number of individuals, from $50,000 to her backup dancer’s sick nephew to $10 for an autistic boy’s service dog. Additionally, she has given to various benefits and organizations: $50,000 for New York public schools, $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony, $4 million to the Country Music Hall of Fame for the Taylor Swift Education Center, and over $2 million to several disaster relief funds.