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6 Most Handsome Indian Actors That Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster


We often see lists of famous and beautiful Indian actresses (and rightly so, they deserve all of the attention they get) but it can sometimes feel like the male celebs don’t get enough credit. So we thought about it and decided it’s about time to right that wrong and write about the most gorgeous looking and talented Indian actors. It’s hard to pick just a few, there are so many good ones, but we think that these 6 really are the most loved and the most handsome men in Indian cinema and they deserve to be mentioned more.



1. Aamir Khan
He’s such a professional. None of his movies are alike. He always plays different kinds of characters and makes sure that doesn’t really get typecast as a romantic interest, comic or macho type all the time. He likes to keep people guessing and gets a different character in every movie. Apart from that he also made a rule for himself to do at least one movie every year so fans are always anticipating his new releases.



2. Hrithik Roshan
Everyone was saying that he’s destined to spend his life in his father’s shadow. But Hrithik managed to get himself in the spotlight and became one of the most popular actors in Bollywood. He’s also an incredibly talented dancer and seems to always be in the best shape ever. Women drool over how fit he is, while men envy his physique. You can find many of his dancing videos online and he’s actually considered to be one of the best dancers in Bollywood.

3. Rana Daggubati
Rana is a very handsome and charismatic man. He’s mostly known for his work in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi cinema, but we’re pretty sure he’s going to make it to Bollywood one day. He’s incredibly talented and has lots of fans all over India. We can’t wait for him to break into more mainstream movies, because he certainly looks like he belongs in the spotlight. We can all imagine him playing a charming misfit, or is it just me?




4. Ram Charan
It’s rumored that Ram is so successful in Telugu cinema thanks to his family and connections, but that’s just envious people talking. If you’ve seen any of his movies you can’t deny the fact that he’s incredibly good looking and talented. He even made it into the Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list. He’s also a proud owner of Most Admired Celebrity Icon Award, and he’s been nominated for the Best Actor award countless times and won 6 times.


5. Prithviraj Sukumaran
Prithviraj began his acting career very early. He’s already starred in more than 100 films. And despite the fact that he’s only 36 years old, it seems like he’s been working in cinema for a very long time. His career is incredibly varied and extensive and he’s definitely one of the most famous actors in Malayalam cinema and certainly one of the highest paid ones too. But he’s not limited to Malayalam cinema only, he’s done a bit of everything including Tamil, Bollywood and Telugu film industries.⠀



6. Dulquer Salmaan
Dulquer is definitely a fan favorite when it comes to Indian cinema. He’s absolutely gorgeous, he seems like a lovely and kind man and he loves his family. He’s never really been mentioned in any scandals and generally steers away from that kind of thing. He’s also very talented and his role in Charlie made everyone fall in love with him even more.