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6 Reasons To Watch Netflix’s Chambers



Netflix is unstoppable when it comes to producing new TV shows with peculiar storylines. This time they’re delving into the genre of thriller with a chilling theme of organ transplants and possessions. After the creepily spectacular Hemlock Grove, you’re in for another supernatural treat that explores concepts that will most definitely get under yur skin and send gooseobumps all over your body. Here are 6 reasons to watch Netflix’s Chambers.



There’s Uma Thurman in it
The Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill star is beyond talented and has pulled off more quirky roles than we can count. This time we’ll see her perform as Nancy Lefevre, the mother of the girl who died and whose heart was transplanted into the body of young Sasha Yazzie. The girl soon starts experiencing weird things and hallucinations, and Nancy Lefevre definitely knows something about it!



The concepts are mind-blowing
Netflix is always after some original content and this time is no different. Showrunner Leah Rachel couldn’t believe Netflix actually gave it a go! She admits that the show isn’t trying to be strange – strangeness is in its very core, which is exactly what we like so much about Netflix’s shows. So be prepared for some mind-bending plot twists and unexpected turns of events.


Locations are beautiful
The events of the show are set in Arizona with its striking landscapes ranging from barren lands to sandy storms and breathtaking sunsets. This setting gives a very peculiar tone to all the events unfolding in the show, giving it a fresh feel and providing a beautiful backdrop to the eeriness of the plot.




Body horror is beyond disturbing
We don’t want to spoil anything, but really, the body horror is gritty, gnarly, and will make your skin crawl. It’s just made so well! There are not too many scenes like that, but believe us when we say it that they will surprise you and they will make you want to shut your eyes immediately. But you won’t be able to!


There’s some science to back it up
What makes Chambers so good and believable is that it features ideas that actually exist and are being explored by scientists. Okay, maybe the idea of two souls sharing one host is not very original, but the theory of cellular memory, which is somewhat of an urban legend, is more than real. Some scientists can back it up, others don’t think it’s worth their time to explore this field, but if you read it up you’ll find it to be quite fascinating!



It’s heavily inspired by thriller classics
Yes, the series is as original as they come, but it doesn’t mean the showrunner wasn’t inspired by anything to create it! Leah Rachel is a big horror movie fan and you’ll notice that the series pays its homage to Rosemary’s Baby. There are also some hints to Fellini, The Virgin Suicides, and of course, an all-time favourite Twin Peaks.