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6 Strongest Female Heroines of Game of Thrones


Some of the most lovable and inspiring female characters have stolen our hearts from the iconic hit TV show Game of Thrones. The show may be over now, but the women of Game of Thrones continue to show us what it means to be a conqueror in male-dominated, male-centered world. From oldest to youngest, and from tough to refined, the female characters of GOT range in age, personality and personal struggles, giving us all someone to relate on the show. If you’ve never seen the show GOT, or just need a dose of female empowerment, check out this list of the 6 strongest female heroines of Game of Thrones.
Cersei Lannister
Some may feel like Cersei is not their particular cup of tea, but this character will do anything for the best interest of her children. In many situations, she is ruthless in the pursuit of what she wants, but we can all take a page out of her book when it comes to being shameless about going after what we want. On top of her sheer unapologetic approach, she has a quick witted political mindfulness with a knack for strategically moving through the difficult aspects of life.


Arya Stark
One of the great things we can learn from Arya Stark is the ability to harness your negative emotions to achieve goals. Arya is a tough girl that knows how to focus and aim her need for revenge at her enemies and handles herself under pressured situations. She is fearless and stubborn in pursuing what she wants, qualities that many of us can always use more of in our everyday life.

Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys is the epitome of a blossoming protagonist we can root for. She underwent a total metamorphosis throughout Game of Thrones. She gradually transformed from her initial portrayal as fragile and controllable by the men in her life, to a fearless and fair leader of armies of men. She is gentle yet firm, impartial yet compassionate, and overall a huge inspiration and relatable character to women in leadership.


Sansa Stark
Sansa has also gone through a transformation in personality, as she was an idealistic, naïve young girl when the show began. As time progressed, and she had to deal with many hardships like tragedy and sexual abuse, Sansa’s idyllic demeanor and dreams began to change. She learned that she must fight back in the face of adversity and personal pain, a realization all women must reach eventually.


Missandei, who is translator for Daenerys, is goals for us all when it comes to supporting our friends. She has gone from just being a translator, but a true friend and confidante to Daenerys. Sisters aren’t always blood related, and Missandei is a perfect example of how friends become more like family when the bond of sisterhood is formed.


Lady Olenna
Lady Olenna is an older female character of the show—grandmother of Queen Margaery—but is a powerful woman in her own right. She has made strong strides in various scenes throughout the show, and is one of the more elemental characters as opposed to other female characters in her age bracket. Lady Olenna is a great example of aging in style and grace, and proves that you can make an impact on your surroundings and in your own life no matter your age.