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7 Crazy Expensive Things Gal Gadot Has Bought


Although she had been working consistently in the acting business, Israeli actress Gal Gadot rose quickly to fame with her major role in Wonder Woman back in 2018. Starring in this film cemented her as one of the most successful and well received rising Hollywood actresses of that year. As her fame and popularity has been growing, so has her bank account. Since amassing her recent wealth, Gadot has been living a lavish, but private lifestyle. Though she has made great strides to keep her personal and professional lives separate, it is known that she has made some purchases that are quite pricey. For a glimpse into the superstar’s personal life, check out these 7 crazy expensive things Gal Gadot has bought.

A Hotel in Tel Aviv

It is reported that Gadot purchased a hotel in Tel Aviv, possibly as a backup plan in case acting didn’t pan out well. That backup career would seem to involve the tourism industry, focusing on her property The Varsano Hotel, a 16,000-square foot structure dating back to the 19th century. When she landed her role in Wonder Woman, she sold the Varsano Hotel to Russian billionare Roman Abramovich.

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Personal Training

Gadot gained approximately 17 pounds of muscle for her role in Wonder Woman, which is no easy feat. Prior to shooting, she had to train for six months and 6 hours a day to prepare for the role. Her trainer Magnus Lygdback is a trainer to several other stars like Alicia Vikander and James McAvoy.

Private flights

As apart of her ongoing movie promotion for the films she stars in—and also to shoot these films—Gadot takes several private flights around the world. She also takes frequent private jets to Israel, her home country. She still has family that lives in Tel Aviv, and visits them frequently.

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Jaguar Convertible


With a real love for high end automobiles, it’s no surprise that Gal purchased an expensive car. She apparently has several luxury cars, with her favorite being the Jaguar F Type Convertible. The price tag on the Jaguar F ranges from $60,000 to $125,000.

Jaguar Convertible | 7 Crazy Expensive Things Gal Gadot Has Bought | Her Beauty

Hair Stylist

To maintain the signature hair style of luscious waves that she’s become known for, Gadot is very particular about who styles her hair. Her go to stylist is Mark Townsend, who has also styles other megastars like the Olsen twins, Dakota Johnson, Kirsten Dunst, and Reese Witherspoon.

Designer Clothing

As expected, Gadot spends a significant amount on designer gowns like any famous Hollywood celebrity. She frequently wears brands like Prada, Givenchy and Armani. But she is known for pairing an expensive gown like Givenchy with a $40 pair of shoes. She is styled by Elizabeth Stewart, who also styles many other celebrities like Julia Roberts and Cate Blanchet. Stewart is known for charging a hefty fee for her well-earned services.


Gadot’s acting career takes her on various exotic destinations around the world. She can be found globetrotting quite frequently, traveling to different countries and continents from day to day. She also enjoys taking her family on trips for the holidays.