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7 Naomi Scott Facts Every Aladdin Fan Should Know


By now you probably know who Naomi Scott is. She’s the actress who played Jasmine in the Guy Richie’s live-action Aladdin movie that came out earlier this year. And while everyone agrees that her acting in this movie was great and she gave more dimension to Jasmin than we’ve ever seen before, few people know anything else about Naomi Scott and her life. So we thought, since she’s kind of the new embodiment of a very much loved Disney Princess, we would share some interesting facts about her life with you.

1. Naomi Scott’s Age

Naomi Scott was born on May 6th 1993, in London. So she’s 26 at the moment and if you look at her acting abilities and her interviews, we’re sure you’ll agree that she’s very mature for her age. She just seems to know what she wants and has a clear vision of her life and it’s honestly very refreshing to see that.

2. Naomi Scott’s Height

Naomi is 167 cm tall, or 5′ 6″ if you think in feet. That’s not even that short, but when you’re acting next to Will Smith, she must’ve felt pretty short. However, she was not the shortest person in the cast of Aladdin. Nasim Pedrar who played Dalia was the shortest one, at 163 cm.

3. Naomi Scott’s Ethnicity

Naomi’s mother is a Uganda-born Gujarati Indian who immigrated to Britain at a relatively young age and her father is British. So you could say she’s of mixed heritage but once you talk to her you get the feeling that she’s just very British in the best way possible.


4. Naomi Scott And Aladdin

When Naomi Scott was auditioning for Aladdin she already had a specific idea in mind, she was sure of how she wanted to portray Jasmin, so while many others would be worried and stressed about the auditioning process, she just thought “I want to do it this way, and if it doesn’t align with Disney’s or Guy Richie’s vision, then it’s just not meant to be”. Clearly, it all worked out and nobody could be happier about that than Naomi.

5. Naomi Scott and Will Smith

Naomi says that upon meeting Will Smith she was amazed at how lovely, generous and great he is. According to her, he just makes you feel welcome even if you’re being a bit weird. Actually, the way she met him was quite a funny story. They had a gym on the set of Aladdin and one day she was just walking out of the shower, with her hair wrapped in a towel, no makeup on, and she saw Will Smith and just shouted “yo Will!”. The moment he turned around she knew it was a weird thing to do but eventually they ended up just chatting in the gym with Guy Richie. You’d probably be willing to work out every day if that meant you got to chat with Will and Guy.

6. Naomi Scott’s Parents

Few people know that Naomi’s parents are both pastors in a church, so you would assume she’s a religious person. She definitely grew up going to church, she sang in the church choir, in fact, she says that she grew up on gospel music and that’s what made her want to become a singer. However, she’s not as religious as her parents. She’s got a system of beliefs but her parents didn’t push it on her and just allowed her to figure her own stuff.

7. Naomi Scott’s Husband

Many actresses these days are married to someone in the industry, be it a fellow actor or a director or a writer, but not Naomi Scott. She married Jordan Spence in 2014, after being together for 4 years. He’s an English footballer and has nothing to do with show business or Hollywood whatsoever. So it must be quite a perk for him now to be able to meet legends like Will Smith thanks for Naomi’s line of work.