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8 Asian Celebs Who Went Blonde and Nailed It


Changing ones hair color can be really fun but going dramatically from brunette to platinum blonde doesn’t always suit everyone. Picking the right shade is crucial and not everyone gets it right the first time.  However these Asian celebs really hit the jackpot with their hair color transformations. Let’s take a look at 8 best celebs who went blonde and absolutely nailed it.

1. Taeyeon

Taeyeon’s hair transformation is one of the best ones in our opinion. She really looks like she might naturally be blonde. The golden shade of blonde with silver roots is a trend that she started and it seems to really be taking off in Korea. Silver-gold ombré for the win.

Taeyeon | Her Beauty

2. Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki was one of the first Japanese celebs to go blond and make it the new cool trend.  You might think it’s Kim Kardashian who’s the queen of transformation but really Ayumi did it first. Who knows, perhaps in another universe they could be the best friends.

Ayumi Hamasaki | Her Beauty

3. Soo Joo Park

Few people can pull off such a stark hair color change but Soo Joo is making it look easy and effortless. Her porcelain skin and blonde locks really go well together.

Soo Joo Park | Her Beauty

4. Kana Nishino

Kana Nishino is a very popular Japanese singer and songwriter, and we must say that she looks gorgeous with the honey blonde hair.


Kana Nishino | Her Beauty

5. Nana

Some of us might look like we’re in a bad need of root touch up if we tried to go for a similar look, yet Nana looks effortlessly chic and very stylish with her dark roots and blonde locks.

Nana | Her Beauty

6. CL

CL really needs no introduction and her hair color is absolutely gorgeous. She’s really working this new edgy and trendy look like a pro. This blonde beauty is absolutely slaying it.

CL | Her Beauty

7. Jolin Tsai

Popular Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai used to have dark hair and looked stunning as a brunette, but we’ve got to admit that she looks equally mesmerizing as a blonde. Good choice Jolin, we approve.

Jolin Tsai | Her Beauty

8. Irene

All the members went blonde at once but Irene especially caught our eye with her yellow shade of blonde. It’s a very flattering shade on her and definitely makes her stand out among her bandmates.