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8 of the Most Expensive Body Parts That Have Been Insured by Celebrities



Us normals might insure a car, or even take out a life policy. But these stars went above and beyond, insuring their most valuable limbs to the tune of a hefty price. Meet the celebrities with the most ridiculously priced body parts.



America Ferrera – smile – $10 million
You know when they say that a girl has a million dollar smile? Multiply that by ten, and you have Miss Ferrera’s grin. The star of Ugly Betty has her pearly whites insured for up to $10 million dollars.


Julia Roberts – smile – $30 million
Julia Roberts is in even more trouble than smile sister America if she chips a tooth. With a charming expression made famous in Pretty Woman, this dazzling, big, and unique smile almost defines Julia, and is accordingly worth $30 million.



Cristiano Ronaldo – legs –$144 million
It’s safe to say, if Ronaldo didn’t have his quick and nimble legs, he wouldn’t be anywhere close to the superstardom that he’s reached today. Valued at a whopping 144 million dollars for his gams, his legs are worth even more than David Beckham’s.


Taylor Swift – legs – $26.5 million
Taylor didn’t choose to insure her voice – instead, she chose her long legs against any possible injury. Would the world be a worse place without this leggy blonde? Millions of fans think so, and so does Swift, apparently.



Miley Cyrus – tongue – $1 million
When you think of Miley, the first thing you think of is that infamous tongue that keeps finding a way out of her mouth, turning her into a rebellious teenager. But that tongue is a smart marketing tactic, and one that’s insured for a cool million.



Fernando Alonso – thumbs – $11.5 million
When you think of a racer driver’s biggest asset, you might think of their sharp vision, or agility as the most important aspects. But apparently, it’s thumbs, which represent “a sign of victory and that everything is under control and well protected” according to a Formula One spokesperson.


Jennifer Lopez – bottom – $300 million
Jenny from the block is and will always be an icon in music, but she will always be equally famous for her phenomenal derriere, which is probably the most expensive thing insured on this list. Gotta protect those curves!



Gene Simmons – tongue – 1 million
Before Miley Cyrus, there was Gene Simmons. That sentence felt weird, but when you realize we’re talking about insured tongues, it makes a bit more sense. Gene insured his most demonic feature for a million bucks.