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9 Celebrity Couples That Are Ultra Divas Made For Each Other


Relationship aren’t the easiest to navigate for most people, but when you’re a celebrity couple it’s ever harder. You have to make sure you have enough time to spend together, while also attempting to get a modicum of privacy. There are celebrity couples that live rather normal lives and try to keep their relationships out of the spotlight. It’s humbling to see them be so low key considering the amount of wealth and fame they’ve reached. But today we’re going to talk about the completely opposite site of the spectrum. We’ll take a look at the couples that seem to thrive off of the attention, the ultra divas that make a big deal out of everything and have no problem sharing their relationship with paparazzis, tabloids, social median and the world in general.



1. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Kim and Kanye are probably the most obvious and well known example of diva couples. They’re both known for constantly being in the news. I mean, Kim made a career out of literally just being dramatic about anything. That’s what Keeping Up With the Kardashians is to be honest. Every single member of that family lives for drama and attention and it’s kind of impressive how they have a meltdown every week. Kanye is constantly starting feuds with people, or proclaiming himself to be a misunderstood genius, offending someone in his songs or doing something else that’s completely crazy. How do they even live together is a mystery to us.



2. Jay-Z and Beyoncé
From the very beginning of their relationship they used music as a way to vent out their feelings. They’ve both featured each other in their songs even in the early years. And once they got married and had kids it’s become even more obvious. We’ve all heard the rumors about their rocky relationship and Jay-Z’s cheating (for which he also apologized in a song) and the possible divorce. Thankfully they seem to have overcome those problems, but Beyonce’s Lemonade is a very obvious way of letting the world know about their relationship hardships.


3. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott
Considering Kylie Jenner is part of the Kardashian clan, it’s not a surprise that her private life is actually very public. She did manage to hide her pregnancy for a while by avoiding social media and wearing oversized clothes, but even then we all had our suspicions and rumor were circulating online. Since having her baby her and Travis Scott’s relationship has been super public. They’re constantly seen out together, they have couple photoshoots, they collaborate on projects and they’re not shy about showcasing their love and documenting their relationship on social media.


4. Evan Peters and Emma Roberts
These two definitely deserve a place on the list of diva couples. We’ve lost count how many times they’ve broken up and gotten back together. They’ve even been engaged at some point, then broke off the engagement, were on friendly terms, dated other people and then gotten back together. And the funniest thing is that all this happened while they’re both working with each other on American Horror Story. It’s like they live for drama and these constant breakups make their life worth living and keeps their relationship exciting. Sounds exhausting, but to each their own.




5. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin
You don’t have to be a Belieber to know that Justin Bieber has a tumultuous relationship with the press and with everyone around him in general. We remember the drama with Selena Gomez all to well. But Hailey Baldwin seems to be just as into parading her relationship for the media. These two have been on and off a couple of times, in the meantime dating other people, then posting pics together all cuddly and kissing, getting matching tattoos then breaking up again. We thought it would all be over and done with when they got engaged, but they keep changing plans for the wedding and delaying it, while we see pictures of them crying over smth online. God only knows how this will end.


6. Grimes and Elon Musk
This was something we couldn’t really foresee, but hey, it happened. It all started with a joke on Twitter and than evolved into a series of rumors and some weird behavior on both of their parts. Was it just a fling? Was it a short lived relationship? Was it all a massive inside joke we just watched unfold? We’ll never really know, but you can’t deny that both of them are divas with massive egos.


7. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green
Megan and Brian go way back to 2006. That’s when they first met and started their relationship. It was hardly a walk in the park but eventually they got married and even had two kids together, before Megan filed for divorce. But the drama didn’t end there because soon after she got pregnant again and they got back together. There have been way too many rumors to count about their fights, breakups, cheating, etc. They’ve both publicly talked about how their marriage is a lot of work, but they seem to always end up together. Well now that they have three kids we hope their inner divas will calm down, but with their track record we’re not counting on it just yet.



8. Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid
Zayn and Gigi are a classic case of “on and off again” when it comes to their relationship.
We first heard news of these two getting together late in 2015 and it’s been quite dramatic ever since. First it was all about exes unfollowing them and deleting pictures on Instagram. There’s been a hefty share of subtweeting and all sorts of oversharing on social media. They go from “never been happier” to breaking up to getting back together in a matter of months. She’s featured in his Pillow Talk music video. Zayn even got Gigi’s eyes tattooed on his chest. Not a very smart move considering their never ending cycle of breakups. So far, it looks like they’ve called in quits last November, but we wouldn’t put it past them to get back together.


9. David and Victoria Beckham
The Beckhams have been together for what seems like an eternity, they have grown up children together. But when you put an ex-Spice Girl and a famous footballer both turned fashionistas in one house you’re asking for trouble. They’ve had their share of diva moments each. Lately David mentioned that his relationship with Victoria is hard and something they have to work on after all these years, and soon after we read about how it brought Victoria to tears hearing about it. You’d think they’d learn to keep their private lives private, but alas, it’s just not who they are.