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9 Handsome Vampires That Will Make You Think About Eternal Life


When we speak about monsters vampires are certainly among the most enchanting ones. Yes, they are blood-thirsty creatures of the night, which makes them dark and unappealing, but those are the very same reasons people (okay, mainly women) have been attracted to them since the dawn of times. Vampires are romantic, experienced in ways you can’t even imagine, and usually have a pretty good taste in everything ranging from clothing to dating aesthetics. Well, they do get all bite-y from time to time, but no one’s perfect, right? Here are 9 handsome vampires that will make you think about eternal life.



Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård)
Can you imagine a Viking vampire who have seen it all and yet somehow wants even more? Even if you can’t, True Blood has already done all the hard work for you and created one of the most ironic, badass, and handsome vampires that have ever graced our screens. He’s brutal and quick to bite anything that runs away too slowly, yet has a gentleness to him that will make you swoon. Not exactly a bad guy and definitely not a good one, either!



Blade (Wesley Snipes)
Okay, technically he’s only half-vampire and not a big fan of his non-human legacy, but apart from that Blade is one cool vampire that will make you think eternal life isn’t all that bad when you have mad fighting skills , superpowers and a leather cape.


Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt)
Louis is a tortured soul with a painful past, but somehow we get to like him despite all the bloodiness and vampireness. He has always tried to do good things despite losing his humanity.


Angel (David Boreanaz)
There’s hardly anything more attractive than a vampire with a soul. Yep, they are tortured creatures that are sad most of the time, but they also have a conscience and morals that make their characters truly entertaining to watch. With his good looks, stylish outfits, and a forbidden romance with Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself, Angel is one of the most irresistible vampires out there.




Mitchell (Aidan Turner)
Mitchell from Being Human shares his living space with a werewolf and a ghost, with whom he develops complicated relationships, not to mention his no-blood diet, and we all know how well that works for the vampy kind. He’s in a constant fight with his darker side and the past that haunts him, and that’s exactly what makes this character so alluring.


Lestat de Lioncourt (Tom Cruise)
Here he is, with bright red lips, pale features, and gorgeous blonde hair looking like a poster boy for all the vampires of the world. Apart from his good looks, Lestat is totally and completely insane, which makes him a rare treat in the modern world of whiny vegan vampires who also sometimes sparkle in the sun like a glam fairy.


Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)
Bad boys are just too exciting to watch, don’t you agree? Handsome Ian Somerhalder landed a role of the bad guy in a vampire duo of Salvatore brothers and their intense bloody life that eventually led them to a semi-boring life in a town where a certain gorgeous young lady happened to live. We all know where that trope is going, but while the ‘good’ brother gets all tortured by the past (and the girl) this good-looking fellow also has his plate full with some love affairs, killings here and there, and an occasional splash of guilt to top it all.



Niklaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan)
Klaus might have appeared on Vampire Diaries as a total baddie, hunting the main heroine for the sole purpose of breaking his own curse. But as the events of the series unfold we learn that this is a man with a complex character who cares not only about himself, but has strong familial ties as well. He’s been through a rough childhood growing up with his Viking step-father back in the day, which crippled him emotionally, making him turn into a vicious and cruel vampire later in life. Nevertheless, he’s incredibly good-looking, has great taste in pretty much everything, and the complexity of his character makes him incredibly entertaining to watch.


Spike (James Marsters)
There are vampires like Angel trying their best to be less murderous and blood-thirsty, and then there are vamps like Spike, who simply enjoy being what they are no matter how bloody things get. And Spike isn’t all that bad (otherwise Buffy wouldn’t even look his way). In fact, he’s one of the rare vampires who are actually funny. He’s the total opposite of modern brooding vampires with a flair for the dramatic. Yet, his life in general and love life in particular is full of drama that will make your head spin. He also has a yummy cockney British accent, gorgeous bleached hair, and a love for leathery outfits. Oh and there’s also that thing when he went through heaven and hell to obtain his soul to prove his love for Buffy. That’s why he’s on top of the list!