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9 Underrated Shows Featuring Female Friendships



The last few years have been host to some great female friendships in several TV and streaming platform series. While some of these friendships are at the core of the show’s premise, others are scattered in subplots underlining the main storyline. Regardless, these wonderful female friendships often go undervalued and are definitely worthy of praise and mention. It is refreshing and beautiful to see representation of female friendships in television, instead of the now outdated, but then common, catty and adversarial characters women were cast in during previous eras. In 2019, it is all about embracing and celebrating the power of female, and the female friendships of these shows reflect that budding empowerment. If you’re looking for your next female-centered series to binge watch on a Friday night, check out this list of 9 underrated shows featuring female friendships.



Pen15: Maya and Anna
Written by Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle, this series premiered in Februrary 2019 and stars the two show creators as middle schoolers in the year 2000. What makes this show even more interesting is that thirty-something Konkle and Erskine actually play their 13-year old selves.


The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmie and Jacqueline and Lillian
Centered around 29-year old bunker survivor Kimmie Schmidt, this comedy chronicles the unusual but hilarious life of Kimmie, and her friendships with employer Jacqueline and landlord Lillian (as well as her best friend Titus Andromedon).



Broad City: Ilana and Abbi
What began as an internet series sensation and later picked up by Comedy Central, Broad City follows the hysterical mishaps and adventures of twenty-something New Yorkers Ilana and Abbi, who are also the creators of the series.


She-Ra: all female characters
A Netflix original series and remake of the 80’s cartoon film, She-Ra is a thoroughly entertaining new series that explores a full spectrum of female characters, from hero to villain, and friend to foe.



Grace and Frankie: Grace and Frankie
Friends brought even closer together after their husbands leave them for each other, Grace and Frankie is lovely and funny depiction of two female friends growing older together and figuring out life in the midst of divorce and older age.



New Girl: Cece and Jess
New Girl’s main character may be Jessica Day, but there are so many subplots and intertwining storylines that Jess’ friendship with Cece can be easily overlooked. They are true opposites


On My Block: Monse and Olivia
Here’s another main character, Monse, who is surrounded by guy friends on the Netflix original series On My Block. A true guy’s girl, Monse learns to develop and get in touch with her feminine side through her budding friendship with series newcomer Olivia.


Star: Alex, Star and Simone
The trio singing group on Star is the epitome of what we idolize from 90’s RnB girl groups. Singers Star and sister Simone, along with singer/songwriter Alex – who form group Take 3 –maneuver the tumultuous, drama-filled waters of the music industry, all while staying loyal to each other and the pursuit of their dreams.



For the People: Sandra, Allison and Kate
This new series goes inside the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, and follows the stories of young, hungry lawyers, including Sandra, Kate and Allison. The relationship of long time best friends Sandra and Allison is juxtaposed to Sandra and Kate’s budding plutonic courtship, who are totally opposite in personality and sides of the law.