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A Closer Look At Disney’s Famous Couples and Their Relationships



We’ve seen lots of articles and quizzes about who’s your favorite Disney Princes or Prince. Everyone already knows what their answer is before they even click on the link. But who is your favorite Disney couple? Let’s take a look at these lovely drawings of Disney couples by artist named Ano and see what their stories really are like.



1. Ariel and Prince Eric
Ariel and Prince Eric have a very strange relationship. First of all the whole beginning of it is mainly based on a fantasy that Ariel makes up in her head. I mean she’s never talked to the guy, she just saw him and decided she’s in love and will do everything in her power to tell him about it? Kinda screams psycho don’t you think? But hey, he’s into a girl who’s been half fish all her life and does not question her choices. So maybe they’re a great match.


2. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

A girl who’s been kept in a tower and lived a very sheltered life decides to run away and meets a worldly rugged gentlemen, what could possibly go wrong? Well, in this case nothing, because Flynn does seem to be a gentlemen despite his criminal past. They start out as strangers, grow to be unlikely friends and then fall in love. This one’s actually a solid love story. We support it.



3. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is a classic story of a horrible man eventually changing and opening up his heart and becoming a better person thanks to the lady they fall in love with. It’s already questionable, but then add the fact that he held Belle as prisoner and that he’s a literal animal…yeaaaah we don’t think that’s gonna fly. No matter how kind and lovely Belle is and the effort she puts in to change the Beast – we just don’t see this actually working.


4. Jasmine and Aladdin

Aladdin and Jasmine is one of the few couples in Disney that get to meet, spend time together, grow to like each other and fall in love. They both have a rebellious spirit which works in their favor and brings them together. Now if only Aladdin could get that chip off his shoulder about not being a rich prince and stopped lying – their relationship would be perfect. Let’s hope they work through his issues in the future.



5. Cinderella and Prince Charming

Cinderella and her Prince Charming seem like the ultimate love story. A poor girl who’s being treated badly by her family gets to dress up all fancy and go to the ball and meet her Prince. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? And the prince falls in love at first sight to the point where he searches all over his kingdom for the girl who lost her shoe. That’s a lot of effort and we appreciate that, but it would’ve been much easier to find her if he bothered to learn something about her life at the ball.



6. Aurora and Prince Phillip

As far as Disney couples go, Aurora and Prince Phillip have a pretty good start to their relationship. They meet for the first time not knowing that they’re meant to marry later on and fall in love. Sure it’s just one date, but there’s clearly a spark. So when Phillip awakens Aurora from her slumber with a kiss (of one true love) it does seem like they’re meant for each other.


7. Snow White and The Prince

You know what’s interesting about this Disney relationship? Throughout the story Snow White and her Prince don’t exactly get to know each other. There’s only 1 word that they exchange and that’s the Prince saying “hello.” Oh, we also don’t know his name. It’s never mentioned in the movie. There’s rumors it’s Florian or Ferdinand. But on the other hand the Prince did kind of save her life and raised Snow White from the dead, which seems like a grand gesture and quite a romantic first date.



8. Tiana and Naveen

We don’t love how Tiana and Naveen meet. I mean, she’s basically being coerced to kiss him for money and ends up becoming a frog herself. Their journey to breaking the spell does bring them closer together by the end but it seems a bit rushed and unlikely. This is a tricky relationship that could go either way if you ask us.