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alented Needle Painter Makes Magnificent Threadwork Paintings


You might think the embroidery is an art reserved for grannies only. But embroidery art is alive and thriving – especially in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Artist Vera Shimunia behind the Etsy Shop and IG @shimunia says that her brush is the needle, and anyone who’s seen her work must agree that she’s a master of the medium, without a doubt.


With over 210,000 followers on Instagram (including famous feminist embroiderer @badasscrosstitch, it’s clear that the rest of the world recognizes Vera in her unique journey of embroidery detail.


Right now, her most popular selling items are magnets.


One best seller is filled with vibrant red-leafed trees, while another shows twilight setting over a flower field and a mountainous backdrop.



Magnets are usually impersonal and an afterthought, but Vera makes it a piece of fine craftsmanship, and we’d be honored to own one. The attention to detail is simply breathtaking.


She plays around with texture in much of her work, mostly with her famously fluffy 3D clouds which can jut out in white, gray, and magenta.



We’re not are if she commissions custom orders, but we’d love to see her take on the Northern Lights or Mt. Fuji.


Most of these magnet masterpieces are scenes from nature, with Van Gogh inspired swirls coloring her vivid skies.




The artist calls herself a “needle painter”, is a nature lover, and believes in the power of the natural world.


She also believes that looking at your favorite colors on a regular basis create happiness and are healing for the soul.



For this reason, Vera claims that she spends lots of her time in search of suitable shade combinations that will create that feeling of joy.


Some of them even look like they have secret flower hidden in the sonic backdrops, which are as vibrant and breathtaking as any upscale bouquet.



She even sometimes includes pictures of herself in the real life nature backdrops which inspire her work.


All we know is that we won’t get tired of these thready rainbow hued landscapes anytime soon, and can’t wait to see what she tries next.