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Artist Dain Yoon Dazzles With Trippy Optical Illusion Face Makeup



On Instagram, there are lots of makeup artists, as well as optical illusionists. The two don’t usually meet, unless it’s once a year for Halloween. Dain Yoon combines those two worlds and creates masterful work that has an insane level of creativity and detail.



Here, images form the Sistine Chapel ceiling band across the middle of her face, while baby Cupid shoots an arrow through one of her eyes. An epic nod to past artistic greats, while clearly showing us that she’s one in the making.


Redrawing the famous art piece by Matisse called Le Danse, Dain shows us the inside of her brain and even manages the sky with clouds on her hair. We can safely say we’ve never seen anything like this before.



She clearly must be one of the deities, as she has historic figures on the side of her face and in the palm of her hand. She often does heavenly iterations, but this really takes the cake.


In Paris, Dain is Cat Woman against the Eiffel tower. But not in the way you might think – she’s literally half Persian cat, half woman in this outdoor scene. We don’t even want to know what her Halloween game is.


Possibly her most impressive word to date, this takes trippy to a whole other level. Her face looks like its cross woven together, but is starting to come undone across one side. The shading really is phenomenal and elevates the whole piece to a sublime, realistic creepiness.



While she’s great at making herself stick out in an otherwise normal situation, she’s also great at blending into the most gorgeous background. Dain must have found the ultimate time to shoot, because this lighting is unreal. The skyline dots her collarbone while the moon sits under her eye.



This is one of Dain’s more impressive pieces that leaves us blinking and dizzy. This girl’s got us seeing double in the best way possible.


We’re still in a head-spin! The accuracy in painting this (look at that eyebrow feathering) seems like its surely done with Photoshop, but nope, just very meticulous, almost scientific makeup application.


Once again a master of camouflage, here, a barely there Yoon is home in LA, blending into her exceptional; record collection. Next too an Amy Winehouse pile, this artist will make you do a double take as even her hair and ears blend in with the setup. This also looks like an amazing prank to surprise someone.



Can you believe that she only recently graduated from art school?