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Artist Illustrates Famous Characters And Their Spirit Animals



Is there anything more adorable than a movie character interacting with a pet? I honestly don’t think so. If you already think “oh they’re perfect” the only way to make it better and bring it to a whole new level is to add a pet. And that’s exactly what this artist did in his project “Famous characters and their pets”.


Aleksey Vinogradov is a digital artist from Russia who is extremely talented when it comes to painting portraits. Aleksey originally studied Costume Design at Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy but his talent for painting faces speaks for itself. He’s got over 120K followers on Instagram and he mostly does portraits of gorgeous women. The way Aleksey is able to portray the emotions in their faces, their attitude and their overall character is nothing short of amazing. In his project “Famous characters and their pets” Aleksey managed to capture our beloved movie characters so well and heir little spirit animals are the cherry on top.



1. Mathilda, “Léon: The Professional”
If by some chance you haven’t seen this movie, I urge you to watch it immediately. Matilda played by young Natalie Portman is a little girl who, due to some truly horrible circumstances, chooses to find comfort in the flat of the best hitman in New York. An unlikely friendship ensues. Aleksey thought that a black kitten would be a perfect spirit animal for Mathilda – very cute and affectionate but also a killing machine in the making.


2. Elizabeth Swann, “Pirates of the Caribbean”
Elizabeth Swan, who has been fascinated with Pirates from a young age makes a pretty awesome pirate herself. She’s great at sword fighting and smarter than most pirates. Her spirit animal is a wild cat and is it just me or does it look like it takes a bit after Captain Jack in terms of style and accessories?



3. Mystique, “The X-Men”
Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence in the X-Men movies, has a unique talent of being able to look like anyone she wants. So it’s actually fitting that her spirit animal would have that power too. A little mini Mystique. How cool would that be? One day it’s a puppy, next day it’s a cat, then suddenly a parrot on her shoulder. You’d never have to choose just one.



4. Malekith, “Thor: The Dark World”
Malekith is the big baddy in Thor: The Dark World, who wanted the whole world plunged into darkness. Masterfully played by Christopher Eccleston this character was truly terrifying and his pet seems to be equally evil.


5. Hellboy, “Hellboy”
Hellboy might look like a scary demon but we all know he’s got a heart of gold and so does his little pet. It’s definitely demonic looking but at the same time it’s adorable and very likeable, perhaps with a slight affinity for harmless mischief.



6. Leeloo, “The Fifth Element”
Leeloo, played by Milla Jovovich, might look like a human but she’s a very powerful alien who’s essentially a superhero with super strength, incredible learning abilities, impeccable instinct yet some childish charm. So a puppy who looks a bit alien with those orange stripes seems like a great fit.


7. Batman/ Bruce Wayne, “Batman”
This wasn’t hard to guess, Batman has to have a little bat as a pet. After all, bats are what he used to be scared of yet he overcame that fear and instead it became a symbol of power for him, something he looks up to. Plus, this little bat is just adorable.



8. Jon Snow, “Game of Thrones”
And of course no list of famous characters would be complete without Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Jon’s spirit animal is the albino dire wolf pup that he adopted. It was the smallest of the bunch yet grew up to be way bigger than expected and so did Jon’s character throughout the series.