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Artist Uses Seashells As Her Canvas and Creates Beautiful and Useful Treasures


Mary Kenyon, an artist from California, found a way to create art that is both beautiful and useful. She uses seashells as her canvas and creates gorgeous Victorian looking jewelry dishes from them. She says her main source of inspiration is her father who was an oil painter and this is her way of following in his footsteps. And while Mary doesn’t exactly paint pictures on seashells, instead choosing to decoupage, she does add little finishing touches with gold paint and crystals. This makes her creations look like antique accessories and little treasures.



1. This little seashell jewelry dish looks like something an Asian aristocrat would own, don’t you think?



2. If you want something less flashy but equally precious this one with Calla Lilies is a great choice.



3. This antique looking one with a girl on the boat looks especially mysterious.


4. Anything that has an image of a vintage looking lady on it instantly looks classy.



5. If you like nature this dragonfly surrounded by flowers is a definite winner.


6. Peacocks feathers always symbolized wealth.



7. Two peacocks – double the fancy.




8. This one is so colorful but it looks pretty awesome.


9. Mermaids depicted on a seashell is so meta. Makes it look like a treasure that was found on a sunken ship.



10. A very delicate princess design here. You have to agree it looks like it’s hundreds of years old.


11. This one looks like it’s from the 1920s or 1930s. Loving the colorful gems that compliment the image perfectly.



12. This one looks extra valuable. Lovely!



13. This is a truly unique one, in case you want to really make a statement. Winged fairies riding waves, I mean, you can’t get more out there than this.


14. This gorgeous pastel pink one is our favorite. It looks so dainty. Perfect for a gift.



15. This is a classic for a reason. You can’t get classier than florals on a seafoam background.