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Ashan Misra’s Otherworldly Visual Art


You know that Black Mirror episode where everyone is thirsty for likes and the world basically revolves around social media? Well if you liked that you’ll like Eashan Misra’s works. He’s a very talented graphic designer with a background in advertising and brand development based in Noida, India. He’s also a self-taught visual artists who loves space and is known as Mr.Kalopsia on Instagram. Here he posts incredible artworks that are a seamless blend of reality and fantasy. He’s become quite a social media influencer lately, his Instagram has over 40K followers and it just keeps growing. Today we thought we’d share with you some of his conceptual art that criticizes social media and the impact that it has on society and our lives in general.



1. Eashan captioned this with “Need I say more?”. What do you think he meant by it? Is this a commentary on social media, social habits or the different goals we might have in mind that we don’t communicate well?




2. This is a fun little play on the new emojis that become available. Do we really need them? Should we really be all up in arms about how inclusive the emojis are or should we think about real life inclusivity?

3. This one’s captioned as “social isolation”. Are we way too dependent on other people’s opinions and whether they like us or not? Are we thinking about the right things? There’s a lot of ways you can interpret this.

4. ”Can you see what’s behind the screen?”. It’s true isn’t it? No matter how many followers, likes and comments we get, no matter how popular a person is online, there’s no way you can know for sure what’s happening behind the screen.



5. The concept of no filter is a weird one these days. Back when social media was only beginning to take over our lives, we used filters to make ourselves look good. But now we’ve taken it so far in real life that filters hardly change anything.

6. How many of us are guilty of this? We make our lives look so fun online but in reality it’s far from the truth. We all suffer from hardcore FOMO but what we think we’re missing out on is fake.

7. “Moon to get its first-ever mobile phone network in 2019! What do you think about it?” You’d think it would be one place where we could escape all the earthly problems, but no.

8. “What if someday everything that the real world contains is belittled on your virtual reality screen? What if someday the only way you see the real world is through the screen of your reel world?”