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Celeste Barber Walks The Runway At Melbourne Fashion Week


You’ve probably heard of Celeste Barber before. She’s only the comedy genius, the funny lady on Instagram who does all those side by side celeb photos recreations. This hilarious Australian woman brings us joy, makes us laugh and truly shows us how ridiculous some of the celebrity photos are and how unrealistic and silly it would be if we tried to take the same photos as real humans without a team of stylists, photographers, makeup artists and personal trainers. You’d think it’s just a silly hobby of hers but she’s got 7 million followers on Instagram and has become quite a legend online.

Not only that but it seems like her sense of humor and admirable ability to not care what others think and not take herself too seriously has landed her quite an impressive gig. She was making fun of celebs and models this whole time and now she got to actually walk the runway at the Australian fashion week.

Some might be intimidated by such an offer but Celeste took this opportunity in stride. She posted stories on Instagram of herself practising a very dramatic and funny runway walk to the tune of Billie Eilish. She later also posted a video on Instagram stories of her getting runway ready with a makeup artist coloring in her grey hairs.


Many were wondering what exactly would Celeste do on the runway and she did not disappoint. Her first appearance was in a bodycon black strapless dress with a ruffled hemline by Rachel Gilbert paired with some truly spectacular and impressive statement earrings byHouse of Emmanuele and silver stiletto heels. She walked the runway making faces, posing dramatically and generally being her hilarious and glorious self.

Her second look was a shimmery one-shoulder peach-coloured Ginger & Smart dress with a belted waist. This dress was also paired with statement earrings and stilettos. It was truly entertaining watching Celeste do her best funny faces and grand gestures along with poker-faced models walking behind her. At some point, she even stopped and waved a glass of champagne at the audience, because why the hell not?

However, this wasn’t her first rodeo. She’s been invited to do a fashion collab before. In 2018 Tom Ford showed interest in working with Celeste. She has shared in an interview that she got an email from his people saying that Tom Ford loves her and would love to work together and before the sound of the email arriving in her inbox even finished she already answered with “yes! When? Now? Sure!”. She got flown out to New York and shot some very amusing videos with Tom Ford including an advert parody in which she got to kiss Tom Ford. She also got to sit front row at the fashion show and went to the afterparty with all the huge celebs like Cardi B and Tom Hanks. So yeah, Celeste could be a regular fashion queen these days, but her sense of humor and stories of how it all went still prove that she’s one of us.