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Claire Luxton and Her Remarkable Portraiture


Claire Luxton is a very talented British artist that primarily works with photography, video and installations. This talented young woman has a degree in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths University, London and has already found her own unique style that’s immediately recognizable. She’s known for her self portraits. She has this incredible eye for detail and a vision for combining her love of portraits with her love of nature.


Her projects often feature bright colors, paint, animals, and botanicals in the most fantastic way possible. She’s already had two solo exhibitions in London, and took part in many group exhibitions in galleries all over the world. She’s been shortlisted for the Signature Art Prize in 2015, was a finalist of Xerxes Sculpture Prize the same year and successfully got through to the second round of Aesthetica Art Prize in 2016. Since then she created her own brand Claire Luxton Studio, shot the cover of Blogosphere Magazine and has been commissioned to work for the Birmingham Royal Ballet. Today we thought we’d share with you some of her amazing portraits with animals, but we urge you to follow her on Instagram to see more of her remarkable work.



1. Peter and the Wolf
This is a photo from Claire’s work with the Birmingham royal ballet, where she’s creating artwork for the new season of Peter and the Wolf.



2. Striped Heart
Here’s another beautiful portrait she did with a tiger. What you’ll soon find out is that Claire manages to make it look like she has similarities with each animal she photographs.


3. Imprints
See how her freckles seem to match the wild cat’s? Claire captioned this photo with:
We all have our marks and scars
Some visible, some purely ours.
At heart we are creatures
Wild inside,
From the rain we run, from the cold we hide.
But embrace our prints and we shall find,
A kind heart and an open mind.


4. Spirit Animal
A much more common feline became the subject of Claire photography this time, but let’s see how she captioned this one:
Different body, same mind,
the path we walk will be entwined.
Same spirit, different heart,
though the road is long, we never shall part. “




5. Wild Heart
Claire is not only a great photographer, she also meddles in poetry too.
They ran together, hearts were one.
The evening sky, gave way to sun.
Her mind was pure and his was wild.
Never unsure and never mild


6. The Owl and The Pussycat
And dare we say she’s pretty good at writing poems too.
She could not speak his fluent song,
the nights were cold and their voyage long.
But she could read his eyes like the stars,
No language could stop a love like ours


7. Night Creature
Claire clearly has a special love for wolves, since they’re so heavily features in her works.
She was both beast and beauty,
light and shade,
strength and fragility
never to fade.
Night Creature.”



8. Kin
This photo is so amazing, loving the detail in fox’s eyes.
We were one mind,
the same,
the fox and I.
From one form,
to another
beneath the moonlit sky. “


This photo with the wolf is our favorite, look how much freedom is in this photo!