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Emily Ratajkowski Best Street Looks


Emily Rarajkowsky is famous for a few reasons. Most of us heard of her because she appeared in Robin Thicke’s music video for the scandalous song “Blurred Lines”. But since then many started following her career because of her enviable figure, incredible abs and a waist so small it makes us curse our genes, because no amount of ab exercises will provide that. She’s a model, so that’s a given, but she’s also a very stylish lady and her outfits are a great mix of trendy fashion looks and clothes that show off her best features (we mean her abs). But while Emily definitely goes for show-stopping looks at events, it’s actually very interesting to see what she wears in her day to day life. Let’s take a look at Emily Ratajkowski’s best street looks.

1. While most of us go out to walk our dog in sweatpants, Emily wears a blazer and heeled boots. That’s dedication, don’t you think? Not that she wouldn’t look just as incredible in sweatpants.

2. We love this terracotta co-ord blazer and skirt combined with a tiny crop top and white sneakers. It’s giving us business casual vibes meets insta-baddie. What wouldn’t you give to pull off a look like that?

3. Is that a shirt dress or literally just a button-down that she synched in with a belt? Either way, it looks chic, it looks effortless, it looks stylish and perfect for a hot summer day when you’ve got some chill meetings with friends.

4. Emily definitely has a soft spot in her heart for baggy relaxed suits and she tends to pair them with crop tops. It’s a perfect juxtaposition of relaxed style yet fitted crops to showcase her abs.

5. This look is giving us low-key Kardashian vibes. The cropped leggings (or are those elongated cycling shorts?) with a bra top and a blazer would be casual, but Emily also wore heels with this look which elevated it into chic category. Who knew legging and a bra top could be chic? But combining clothing pieces is key.


6. Very few people could pull off this unitard look and still look stylish and not like they just walked out of an 80s aerobics class. The unitard is already super form-fitting, and then Emily added a brown belt to showcase her waist and break up the solid color.

7. On rare occasions, you can actually see Emily wear a relaxed suit with a full-length shirt. We say full length, even though it’s just a normal shirt, but since Emily mostly wears cropped things, this is truly an unusual sight. That’s actually something a mere mortal could try and wear.

8. And she’s back to risky business with a black suit with nothing underneath. It’s a very cool look and it’s kind of provocative, yet she’s got almost no skin on show. That’s what a true power move looks like, ladies.

9. If Emily Ratajkowsky were to star in a Clueless remake, we can only assume this is what she’d wear. It’s kind of awesome how similar the pattern is. The yellow checked number paired with a yellow handbag and white heels matched perfectly and made her whole look very cohesive and intentional.

10. And finally, this white dress was the cutest thing we’ve ever seen Emily wear. She usually goes for more provocative outfits or very tomboyish looks. This dress seemed like the epitome of femininity on Emily Ratajkowsky and it looks so freaking stunning. Paired with white sneakers, brown bag and some brown tinted sunglasses and her tan skin – this is the ultimate summer look.