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Everything We Know About Killing Eve Season 2


Ah, our favorite erotically driven, assassin vs. agent show is finally back, and with a heftier dose of girl power than ever before. We love “Killing Eve” because it is actually made for a female audience, rather than depicting the tired, male gaze laden stereotype of what female relationships are like.



1. Eve and Villanelle have a particularly complex relationship, as many women do. However, season 2 hints at an intense love story, especially after all that build up in the first season with Villanelle courting Eve.



2. Adding to the complexity, show creators and the actors say that audiences will be most surprised at how Villanelle reacts to being stabbed by Eve – and it’s not how you would think.


3. Fiona Shaw, a la Harry Potter, will be back as Carolyn once more, with mysterious newcomers such as Julian Barratt, Nina Sosanya and Edward Bluemel.


4. The fashion and wardrobe will take an unexpected twist, showing Villanelle’s more vulnerable side. It shows how much clothes really meant to her, and what it means to have nothing, now.




5. BBC America will be premiering the first episode in the states on 7 April 2019 at 8pm ET. The UK premiere might come a bit later, but fingers crossed!
Season 2 will be premiered on AMC at the same time as BBC America, adding another new way to watch the show.


6. We do know from released teaser images that villanelle will be hitchhiking in Paris, eve will be doing some introspective bathtub thinking. We can’t piece much together from that, but it does make us even more curious.


7. The show films in the Netherlands and France, venturing outside of the UK. These locations were confirmed by the executive producer.



8. Apparently, there’s a new assassin in town. Get ready to meet another villain – someone new who comes between this notorious blond and brunette duo.


9. One of the plot lines follows the cat and mouse game between these two women from venue to Russia, where our blond spy targets a far right extremist who manipulates elections via social media.