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Hairdresser Eugene Zhuk Transforms Women Beyond Recognition


Instagram is filled with celebrities, but what about the teams that make those celebrities look so flawless? Meet Belarusian stylist Eugene Zhuk, who might not be Kim K’s makeup or hair artist, but has all the skills to be, and more.

Zhuk transforms women to almost unrecognizable Glamazons, and for that reason, he hosts a few beauty transformation TV shows that really showcase his before and after “wow” factor.

This dude is like the Queer Eye for the Straight Woman, but he sure gives Anthony a run for his money! Seriously, how does he manage to turn all of these women into supermodels within the same day?

Maybe the secret is that he had to bring out their inner confidence – the secrets supermodel that hides inside every woman, and can only be brought out by her own radiance.

While many of the transformations are more drastic, we love the ones that still hold onto the natural beauty of Zhuk’s subjects.


A few are criticizing Zhuk’s looks for turning his subjects into “internet bots” and voiding them of their previously innocent and unadulterated beauty.

However, seeing the smiles in the after shots lets us know that Zhuk does these women the simple service of self-care, making them feel like movie stars for the day after he primps them.

His makeovers are usually modern and focused on a fresh glow, outlining eyebrows that slay and contemporary, edgy haircuts.

People might see Eugene Zhuk as just another player in the beauty industry, but he’s not vain – he helps women feel happier about their appearance, which is no easy feat in our society today.

We commend him from bringing his talents all the way to Moscow, Russia, and can’t wait to see what country he takes over next.