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Inside The #BratzChallenge On Instagram


Remember Barbie’s early 00’s, edgy older sister with big eyes, even bigger heads, and tight bell bottoms? Dolls with a z, not an s at the end.



Bratz Dolls were the pinnacle of many generations, growing up, and it’s inspired a makeup trend that some call horrifying, while others find it innovative.


Girls are giving themselves massively disproportional eyes or lips in startling colors, while imitating the grungy outfits of the early 00’s and mimicking hair colors with wigs or even a full on dye job.



Some of them managed replicate the exact costume, and while we’re impressed, we’re also slightly concerned at the amount of die-hard Bratz fans out there, and if they owned these look alike costumes previously, or managed to hunt them down.


Some interpretations are pretty realistic, while others give us nightmares. It’s like Heidi Klum’s Jessica Rabbit costume meets Ru Paul’s Drag race, but we can’t bring ourselves to look away.



The famous Bratz dolls Sasha, Jade, Yasmin and Chloe are having a comeback and reclaiming their 15 minutes of glossy lipped, magenta lidded glory.



People are even posting DIY tutorials of how to look like your very own favorite Bratz doll at home.



This challenge involves some serious contour skills, as is evident in the difference between the subtly impressive and clown-like iterations of it.


Most of our questions revolve around how long it actually took to complete these looks, and if these girls dared to leave the house with any of these looks.



Overall, the trend is crazy, messy, but still pretty cute.


And most importantly of all, it’s playfully completed, like most of the hilarious makeup challenges that become Insta-famous nowadays.



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