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Is Kim Kardashian Preparing To Divorce Kanye West?


Rumors about an impending divorce of the high profile couple are circulating the media. But could this actually be true? Kim and Kanye have been married since 2014 and it seemed like they were meant to be together. But it looks like there’s trouble in paradise. Let’s see what’s all this about.

So what are these rumors based on? Kanye has been tweeting some very weird things lately and his failed presidential campaign also had an impact on his marriage with Kim. At first, it was easy to shrug it off and think of it as “Kanye West doing Kanye West things”. But later it became clear to both his friends and family, as well as his fans, that Kayne’s having a mental health flare-up. 

Kanye’s suffering from bipolar disorder and for a very long time, it looked like he was doing well. However, the worldwide pandemic impacted everyone, Kanye included, and it looks like he’s suffering the consequences. He’s been making rash statements on Twitter and even shared a very personal story about Kim and his first child, North, during one of his campaign speeches, which left Kim absolutely furious. 

During that campaign speech, he talked about how North wasn’t a planned baby and that for a while he and Kim were considering abortion, but in the end, he had an epiphany from God and they decided to keep it. This, of course, left Kim very worried about what else Kanye might say and how it would impact her, and most importantly her children. 


On top of that, it is becoming clear that Kim and Kanye don’t agree on everything. Kim is studying to become a lawyer, wants to make a change in the world by getting serious about prison reform, and she clearly supported Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential elections. Kanye, however, is all about talking big, being best buds with Trump and failing to organise a presidential campaign. Of course, their interests don’t have to overlap on everything, and it seemed like for a while at least their family life was equally important to both of them. But the more sporadic and weird Kanye gets, the more frustrated Kim gets with his action. Many are saying that she’s had enough and their divorce is actually in the works.

Kanye’s been tweeting that Kim and her family wanted to lock him up and he’s also tweeted about being furious that Kim released a statement without his approval and that’s not what a wife should do. Even though Kim has always been on Kanye’s side and tried to support him whenever she could.

Kim has previously attempted to put up a front, and refute the rumors of divorce by putting up many family pictures on her Instagram. She has also attempted to protect her family and Kanye from his own rash actions by posting Instagram stories asking for understanding and compassion in regards to Kanye’s mental health. But even Kim mentioned that friends and family are helpless in this situation. Unless the person suffering from mental health problems wants to accept help – there’s nothing you can do.

Apparently, things are so serious that Kanye even spent the holidays apart from the Kardashians and instead stayed at his ranch in Wyoming. There are also sources saying that Kim has already hired a famous divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, who she’s already familiar with since Laura was the one who worked with her during her previous divorce with Humphries. Laura Wasser is also the lawyer who worked with Angelina Jolie and Heidi Klum on their divorces, so you know she’s the big shot, so if Kim hired her, she’s serious about her intentions.