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Lyo The Cat Is Who You Should Definitely Follow On Instagram


Instagram can be a pretty toxic place if you follow the wrong accounts. It can wreak havoc with your self-esteem if you constantly compare yourself to models, it can make you feel insecure if you follow only celebs who always look flawless, it can set unrealistic expectations if everyone you follow only wears designer clothes and luxury accessories. But you know what will never bring you down? Cats. You should follow more cats on Instagram and you’ll be surprised how often that can put a smile on your face. So here’s a fun account we recommend this week. Follow Lyo.TheCat and you’ll never get tired of its fluffy little face and incredible blue eyes.



1. Look at this face. How can you NOT want to see this every day? I mean, you’d have to be silly to deny yourself this moment of happiness.



2. Skiing? Nah, how about cat watching. It’s way less traumatic, but still gives you those happy hormones, doesn’t it?

3. You have to admit this is better than those photoshoots Insta bloggers do on ski resorts. Lyo is way more graceful and photogenic.



4. Just look at those eyes. Look into them. You’re now Lyo’s slave. Let’s test that theory.

5. Will you do my bidding? I dare you to go out in the snow and bring me yummy treats from the pet store.




6. Lyo can be quite dashing too. Formal bow ties have never looked better than this. Who needs men when you have Lyo.

7. By the way, Lyo has siblings and they’re just as cute. These three are inseparable.



8. They do everything together. It’s a pretty close knit group. You wish you could sit with them.

9. They will judge you together too, but you don’t mind, right?



10. Look at that smile. It’s simply irresistible. And just imagine how soft those furry little cheeks are.

11. Yes, they all sleep while cuddling together. It’s the best and you should be jealous.



12. You’re totally hooked and have already followed Lyo on Instagram, right? Welcome to the family!